Friday, December 24, 2021

A Quiet Christmas

Almost Christmas, I'm late to the party, but thought I would make a mad dash and add this anyway.
Due to circumstances beyond our control, ours will be a quiet Christmas, but we'll celebrate later, no worries. Here's a little bit of our quiet Christmas. 

This lovely porcelain dome, lit by candle, depicts a detailed and beautiful Christmas scene. 

I decided to try a cubed poem for Christmas:

Angels sing:
Glory! A
Blessed babe!!!

Shepherds too
Worship the
Holy One

While starshine
Splinters the
dark... truly!

Karen Eastlund

Many thanks to Buffy Silverman for hosting on this holiday Friday. You will find a lovely poem from our winter poetry poetry swap, as well as Buffy's beautiful tree poem at her site:

My best to you all for a merry, happy, healthy and kind holiday.


Thursday, December 16, 2021

Poetic Gifts

 Hello to my poetry friends. What a lovely gift arrived this week!

This is my first time to join the poetry swap within our community, and this week, just on schedule, I received a package of several gifts from the talented Margaret Simon. 

First is a poem written just for me...a lovely and thought provoking ekphrastic poem:

We are Lucent

lighting branches
of winter trees,
wicks lit in a circle
wreath centered on our shared table
counting days to solstice
soul-searching time.

We open our hearts
to whatever comes;
be it grace or grief,
we are ready.

We love what we love
licking our fingers
after stirring in butter.

We offer our gifts at a table
or under a tree
while we seek
those silent gifts
sent on swaying
winter trees.

by Margaret Simon for Karen Eastlund
Winter Poetry Swap 2021

This poem has special meaning for me as we have been burning candles daily in our home, a new practice instituted by my husband. I find that the glowing candles and the flickering flames offer a sense of hope and well-being beyond my expectations. We even made our own candle from leftover wax, and I found some waxed twine that suffices as a wick. We are lucent!!! I especially love the image of "licking our fingers after stirring in butter."

I also received a lovely book of art by Margaret's father... his pointillist images fascinate me...accompanied by poems by Margaret. An enclosed CD provides carols and Margaret's  reading of her poems. She speaks of her love for her father and his work as well as the season and gift of faith. What treasures!

Many thanks to Margaret for my very own glowing poem, and for the lovely book and CD. I will continue to enjoy them in the days ahead.

This time of year is a time of soul searching, of counting days. May your soul be well fed and your days rich with blessings. 

It is Poetry Friday! Join the group at Jone Rush Macculloch's where solstice greetings will abound. You are invited to join the fun.

Friday, December 10, 2021

With thanks for publication

 I'm delighted to have two poems in Bridget Magee's Ten by Ten Poetry Anthology: Celebrating Ten in Ten Different Ways. I received my copy and found that I have the honor of the very last poem in the book. I rather love that spot! So... here... without further ado... I will share with you...

 Great job on the cover!

What Tends to Happen

Spring again
Hoe in hand

I work the soil
Earthworms roil

Pull the weeds
Plant some seeds

Water deep
Plan to reap

But then...

Days get warm
Insects swarm

New weeds grow
I stub my toe

Mud stains
Interest wanes

Woodchucks excavate
Grubs decimate

Caterpillars chew
I'm through

Plants wilt
I gather guilt

End of tale...
Epic fail!


Next spring's plan...
Try again?

Or... alas...
more grass?

- Karen Eastlund

Thank you for including me in your anthology, Bridget! So much fun. And if any of you readers haven't found this book yet, it's available on Amazon and many of our posting friends are in it. Give it a try!

It is Poetry Friday, and you can find the gang at Cathy L Mere's Merely Day by Day. Cathy is a wise writer who has learned to be patient with her poems, and it shows in the one she posted today. Go ahead and take a look...

Thanks for stopping by today, and have a good week.

Friday, December 3, 2021

Inspired by this book...

An heirloom quilt... probably made by a relative of my Grandma Henrietta
It's December, get out the quilts! This one makes me smile...

 There's a book I fall back on when I need a little pick-me-up, and it's such a fun book that I thought I would share some of it today.  It isn't exactly poetry, but it is poetic, and perfect to use in a classroom. So... think of it as my little gift to you if you are a teacher or writer. It is a gem.

The title is I Love and it is written by Brigitte Minne. 

Without permission I can't share too much, but here's what Amazon says:

A girl describes all of her favorite things, from standing on her Papa's feet as he dances around the room to chewing bubble gum until it is just right.

The descriptions are in the voice of a young girl, but written so beautifully that you will get a warm fuzzy feeling as you are reminded of your own childhood. It also provides a good mentor text for young writers. 

Some are funny: I love to stare at the principal's large hairy mole.  

And don't miss this one: I love to stand on a chair when dinner is over and say, "Quiet, please.  I will now recite a poem."

Well, I've probably gone further than I should, but I do recommend this sweet quirky book. It will warm your heart and give you ideas for further writing.

And now, I will attempt a tricube as prompted by the book above. (I was going to add a tricube about making quilts but I can't get the photo I want, so... I rather like this one also.)

I love to
add a bow
to green wreaths

Round as the
wheel of year
full of twig

bough, berry
to my home

 - Karen Eastlund

The Poetry Friday round-up is over at Michelle Kogan's where she shares her gorgeous holiday card and poem. Find her HERE. It's always a good party so please join in!  

Happy December!

Wednesday, December 1, 2021

Hemmed with Quietness

 Welcome to Spiritual Journey Thursday! Those of us who post here share our journeys once a month. This month our focus is waiting, hope, and the seasonal holidays.

In the Christian tradition, this is the season of advent... a season of preparation for the coming of the Christ child. The season reminds me of pregnancy, it is a time of waiting and hope. These days, however, can get crazy busy. I have to remind myself... what is my focus?

I have a wonderful book of prayers that I'm sharing from today. It offers two year's of daily readings as well as many other resources. 

From The Celtic Book of Prayer: Prayers and Readings from the Northumbria Community,  Aidan's readings, the meditation for Dec. 7th offers these two gems:

  The pilgrim worried that he would not have much time to care for his love-relationship with God. The Lord answered:

    Do you have only one minute? Hem it with quietness. Do not spend it thinking how little time you have. I can give you much in one minute.  

    As the ripples of the river glance up to the light, let your heart glance up to Me in little looks of love very often in the day.

Many traditions celebrate this time of year. I wish you all gentle holidays. May your days be hemmed with quietness. May you find time to glance up with love. May your season be blessed with peace and joy.

Thanks to Christine Margoqs for providing our prompt this month and for hosting today. You can find Christine's most interesting post HERE.


Friday, November 12, 2021

I Raked Yesterday

 I woke up early yesterday. The lawn needed raking before the final mow, so I got up and raked. I could hear the birds singing in the cool air, and raking felt good. I much prefer it to the din of leaf blowers.

Leaves falling into the Black River

Later in the day we walked in the woods to the south of us. Rain was expected in the evening and Friday, so we thought Thursday might be the last day to see good color before rain brings the leaves down. 

I found an old poem that I'm working on and will share here... I haven't thought about a title yet.

A lone leaf
Past my window
Too late
For the main event
The branches bare
The streets
Already hoovered

© Karen Eastlund

It's a beautiful time of year... I hope you are enjoying it wherever you are. My best to you.

It's Poetry Friday, of course. This week is hosted by the famous Matt Forrest Esenwine at Radio, Rhythm & Rhyme. Thanks for hosting, Matt!

Thursday, November 4, 2021

The Language of Gratitude


Welcome to this sharing of Spiritual Journeys, hosted this month by Denise Krebs at Our topic is gratitude. Please join us and chime in.

A sermon pointed to the connection between gratitude and grace.  When I look at the words grace and gratitude together it seems obvious, but I had not thought of gratitude that way. But consider this... the word for thanks in Spanish... gracias.  And in Italian, grazie. 

The thing is, the connection surprised me. I couldn't get it, and I'm still not sure that I do. Am I overlooking the obvious that all good gifts (graces) come from God?  Am I making something out of nothing?  Why doesn't this work for me?

Frederick Buechner writes this about grace: Grace is something you can never get but only be given. There's no way to earn it or deserve it or bring it about any more than you can deserve the taste of raspberries and cream or earn good looks or bring about your own birth.

But what did I know of grace? Was it a "wow" moment from above? Did I think grace had to leave me with my mouth open and tears in my eyes? What about the time that our car broke down in the middle of Iowa, and a guy pulled in right next to us, his family in the car, the back seat full of diapers and baby clothes, and the trunk loaded with nothing but car parts. He insisted on giving us the exact part we needed, and would take no money for it. I was pretty sure that was grace.

And what about gratitude? I knew that an expression of gratitude was the expected response to every kindness that came along, but maybe somewhere in that practice I had become jaded. I often said thank you only because I should. I uttered it for each cookie and pencil and open door, but it didn't seem to mean much. Had I lost the connection to grace?

I'm pretty sure we never fully realize our blessings, but now I have to ask if I discern them at all. Maybe the work of the day and the juggling of this and that gets my mind so cluttered that I forget the important things. And then, by the grace of God, these important things, these graces, sort of slap me in the face and say, "Hey! Pay attention!" Maybe with this challenge of connecting grace to gratitude, I'll begin to get it.  

In Thessalonians we are urged to give thanks for everything, in every circumstance, because it is the will of God. I'm sure I could only do that by grace.  Maybe that, for me, is the connection. Only by the free gift of grace...

Mary Oliver expresses gratitude so beautifully in her poem Mindful:

Every day
….I see or hear
…………that more or less

kills me
….with delight,
……..that leaves me
…………like a needle

in the haystack
….of light.
……..It was what I was born for –
…………to look, to listen,

to lose myself
….inside this soft world –
…… instruct myself
…………over and over

in joy, 
….and acclamation.

  (read the rest here.)

She goes on to mention both the exceptional and the drab and ordinary. Her poem is another impetus to give thanks in every circumstance, for both beautiful and drab. 

I have surely been blessed well beyond my ability to discern grace, and well beyond my depth of gratitude. I can only pray for new insight, for a new heart, for the courage to share. 

Of the exceptional graces shown to me, I will share one which is appropriate to the season...

Years ago, shortly after the sudden death our little Andy, when gratitude was so hard to find, our 3-yr-old son Carl came home from preschool with a Native American grace he had learned for Thanksgiving, complete with gestures:

May the Great Spirit overhead                      - make a big circle above your head
In the future                                                      - extend your hand in front of you
As in the past                                                     - extend your hand behind you
Bring to our hearts                                           - put your hand on your heart
Much love and happiness                               - cross your hands over your heart

At a time when we most needed grace, there it was, a beautiful blessing, a fountain of grace from our own little one. 

November turns us toward Thanksgiving, and opens the door for grace. May our hearts overflow with gratitude.

PS: One practice of gratitude is to say grace at meals. Here is our traditional one:

Come, Lord Jesus
Be our guest
Let these gifts
To us be blessed.

If you have a grace tradition, I would love for you to share it in the comments. And may the grace of God be with you and yours this Thanksgiving season.

Friday, October 29, 2021

A Monster at my Door

 Welcome friends! It's that time of year again... spooky sights appear all up and down my street, and yesterday, one showed up at my door.  What to do?  Write a poem, of course!


A monster showed up
in my tree
It seems as if 
It laughs at me

It chomps its teeth
And blinks its eyes
But I'm not scared
It's no surprise

The night of rascals
Soon is here
When wizards, ghosts
And imps appear

When jack-o-lanterns
Wink and blink
When hoot owls hoot
And varmints slink

I'll play along
With all the fun
'Cuz soon enough...

       They'll all be gone!!!

© Karen Eastlund

In case you'd like to rehearse a Halloween song, here's a post from a few year's back with my attempt at scaring the bejeebers out of you!  Scary Halloween Song.

Thanks to the great Linda Baie for hosting our group today.  Find her spooky (dark and devilish) post here.  All the Poetry Friday gang will be sharing links at her place today. Don't miss the costume party!

Friday, October 15, 2021

This little apple

 Happy Poetry Friday... our gathering today is hosted by Bridget, who is announcing the birth of her anthology: 10•10 Poetry Anthology: Celebrating 10 in 10 Different Ways.  I am pleased and delighted to be one of the 58 poets whose work is in this book. Can't wait to get my copy!  It is available in paperback and Kindle versions via Amazon.

Hey... have you noticed it's apple season?  My usual breakfast is an apple cut into slices and slathered with peanut butter. If you have never tried it, I encourage you to do so!  Juicy, sweet, crunchy, peanutty and delicious!  

So, one day I took out a nice red apple, cut it open, and this is what looked at me.  I didn't arrange it or pose it. This happened naturally. It's true!!!

How can I ever face an apple again?  I could almost hear it speaking:

Sighs of a Sad Apple

Of all the apples
in the world
you had to
pick on me?

I'm worried sick...
I haven't slept...
as anyone
can see...

Ever since my
stem let go
I've been shaken 
to my core

Whatever will
become of me?
Quel bore!

And so I've sat
at the sound
of my own thud

Hoping that 
I hadn't bruised
or grown icky 
from the mud

But now you've
cut me open
I hope your

Just because of you
I'm done!
Sliced open!

Well!!! If you would
make a fritter
I'd deign to
play along

Or better yet
an apple pie?
(I guess that can't
go wrong)

Add cinnamon
and sugar
a flaky crust
is nice

Make sure your roll
it evenly
And crimp around
each slice

And then I'd like
some whipped cream
A dollop up
on top

If you could promise
those things
I suppose my tears
might stop

And please use
your best china
and a table cloth
for tea

And when you take
a bite... just stop...
and heave a sigh
for me.

© Karen Eastlund

Thanks again to Bridget for hosting.  Find her celebration of TEN at Wee Words for Wee Ones. 

Thursday, October 7, 2021

Here...and now.

 Here in the NorthEast, autumn is ambling in.  Just today I noticed this...

Our friend Ramona Behnke offered the topic for Spiritual Journey this month, a fascinating one that came from Emily P. Freeman's podcast.

In the podcast, Emily quoted Dr. Larry Crabb asking, “What is true right now? The state of your mind, heart, will and imagination? And then also the state of your body, your surroundings, your place in the world today.” 

So Ramona asks... What is true here and now?

This month I'm blessed to celebrate a 50th anniversary with my hubby. We two have had quite an adventure over the years. Our children took us on a glorious week in Wyoming to celebrate, and the afterglow of that week will never wear off. 

Chris & Karen, 2003... my favorite if not most recent photo!

My church choir has resumed. I am here, totally present, listening as well as singing while in choir. The challenge and beauty of music still feeds and heals my soul. 

Autumn is my favorite season, filled with cool days and brilliant color. For me it is a time of both sadness and rejoicing as the season itself reflects. Autumn is always bittersweet.

My birthday is this month. I've earned these wrinkles and I'm thankful for each day, delighting in the beauty, opportunities and challenges of life. I'm healthy enough to go hiking here at 9,000ft. Woohoo!

Taking in the beauty here in WY

I have the challenge of leading the history committee in my town. We work hard and I'm proud of our members and the work we do here.

The traffic here is crazy. Why do I live in NJ?

I look for truth in the world and struggle to recognize it. I believe that God loves us and is here with us, but lets us learn the hard way. I pray for courage and insight.

During this long stretch of pandemic, I turn to some old favorites. In an old Christmas M.A.S.H. episode, there is much moaning about being away from home for the holiday. Having had enough,  Colonel Potter shouts, "If you ain't where you are, you're nowhere!!!" Potter's statement may not be eloquent, but it's true. 

What's true for you? Where are you at this moment? I'd love to read your response in the comments below.

Thanks to Ramona for hosting and providing this springboard. Find Ramona, links to others in our group, and more about this topic at Pleasures from the Page.

Thursday, September 16, 2021

What's bugging you???

I recently came across some of my old poems that seem to fit a current theme. These are pesky poems, but instead of shooing them away I decided to share them. One today... maybe two next time.

We just returned from a family vacation near a remote lake in Wyoming. What a fabulous time... three delicious meals plus "teatime" each day, hiking, archery, horseback riding and fly-fishing. Also canoeing, which afforded my son and I a close view of an elk, an osprey, two otters and a little family of grebes. Wow!!! But... I noticed that many pines are dying due to the infestation of pine beetles. 



     - Karen Eastlund

Here in NJ we are fighting the invasion of the spotted lanternfly. They are beautiful, but so destructive. I cringe each time I step on one. 

The spotted lanternfly causes serious damage in trees, including oozing sap, wilting, leaf curling and tree dieback. Its annual damage exceeds hundreds of millions of dollars in lost agricultural production.

What bugs are in your bonnet?  Feel free to share them in your comments.

Of course it's Poetry Friday, and our host this week is Denise Krebs at Dare to Care. Be sure to check out her blog for other poetry postings. Thanks for hosting, Denise. 

Wednesday, September 1, 2021

Finding the Good

 Welcome to Spiritual Journey Thursday. On the first Thursday of each month we gather to share our insights. This month our focus is on virtues. 

As some of you know, I am #9 in a family of 10. Being one of the younger members, I have witnessed the death of a number of my siblings. This past month our number dwindled again, from six to five. Today I'd like to tell you about some virtues I noticed in the life of my oldest brother, Emil. 

Emil was a minister by calling, with special training in family systems and addiction issues. He was an avid fisherman, carver, cross country skier, poet, and story writer. His way was not easy. He had health issues for much of his life, and he had lost two sons and his wife.  

Emil was almost 20 when I came along, so he was chosen as one of my baptismal sponsors. He carved this little chickadee for me. Later, he wrote about seeing a chickadee at his window in the deep winter, and how it brought him hope.

“Hope” is the thing with feathers -
That perches in the soul -
And sings the tune without the words -
And never stops - at all -

- Emily Dickinson

Emil always had a faithful outlook on life. He considered himself a peacemaker... a bridge builder... and when our family gathered he would ask that we put our differences behind us and enjoy being together. He provided leadership and courage, and our gatherings benefitted. 

I was amazed at Emil's endurance. I spoke with him a number of times while the senior residence was in total lockdown. He was completely isolated, unable to have any visitors, meals alone in his room. It was difficult for him, but didn't waste his time complaining. Instead, he found meaning in writing his memories and sharing them, reading, and contemplating life.

Emil was generous. For a number of years he invited family to his home in Wisconsin for a winter weekend ski-in. My gang attended just once, but the time we had together was wonderful. 

Emil and Judy, his wife, spent several weeks caring for my oldest sister, Margaret, when she was ill with cancer and her husband needed knee surgery. They cooked and cleaned and helped every way they could. What a labor of love!

I hardly remember a conversation with Emil that did not include a good laugh. He had a sense of humor and often saw humor that I would have missed, had he not pointed it out. 

Siblings see each other's weaknesses as well as strengths. We know the warts and foibles as well as glory and beauty. Yes, we had times of discord and impatience. That's only human. Through it all, we learned to love each other. Relationships take work, but it is good work, and work that I believe we are called to. A good model helps along the way, and I thank God for Emil and the good he upheld.

It is a great blessing when we can find virtue in others and have good models to follow. I hope you have good models in your life, and I wish you sweet and meaningful journeys.

Finally, brothers, whatever is true, whatever is honorable, whatever is just, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is commendable, if there is any excellence, if there is anything worthy of praise, think about these things. 

Blessings all...

PS: Please post your links in the comment section. I'll do my best to round them up, but we have severe weather here now, so in case I can't get online you can follow each other via comments.

Friday, August 27, 2021

It clings, I cringe

It's Poetry Friday! Come join the fun. Today's gathering is hosted by Elizabeth Norton at Unexpected Intersections. Elizabeth is sharing an eight line rhyming poem in the style of Jane Yolen. Elizabeth wrote about a marmot!  I love it! Have you ever seen one?  I almost sat on one once, while on vacation in the Rockies.  Good grief... I'll have to find that photo!

My poem is also about an animal. Maybe I'll have to try the eight line rhyming form to see if this poem works better that way, because... I can't seem to finish it.  I've tried three or four "last" stanzas, so far I don't like any of them. Anyway, here's the back story:

Our son's dog, Thor, visits from time to time. He's beautiful, and he behaves quite well... unless he is anxious. The thing is, many things make him anxious... strangers, other dogs, children on swings, and being away from home. And...I must admit that I am more comfortable babysitting my grandchildren than dog sitting. I try, but the connection is vague. So... when a visit is over, I find myself writing poems like this:


More than 
dog breath
More than 
More than 
At my 
The thing 
makes me 
the most
is clingy 
dog hair

Though gone 
three weeks
his hair 
playing little
on the stair, 
on rugs, 
in air...

draft - Karen Eastlund

Thor a few years ago... he is a handsome fellow!

Anyway... that's as far as I got... this is definitely a draft.  If you want a challenge, see if you can finish it for me!

Thanks for reading, and thanks again to Elizabeth for hosting. 

Best wishes, Karen

Monday, August 23, 2021

Grandma Pierce's Diary, October 1928

 Oct 1, Mon.

Cloudy all forenoon & sprinkled a little at times but cleared up before night. We did a big washing & Anita took me to Burr Oak on an errand for Leslie at the Bank. Elmer was cutting corn for Will Erickson & Will brought him home after supper. Lloyd Baker was here picking up corn but went about 3 o-clock. Howard brought the tractor & plow over and we took him home.

Oct 2, Tues.

Very nice day & warm. Anita took Elmer up to Will Erickson's and we got ready about 9-15 & started for Decorah. We had to take a few sacks of grain to the mill & Anita took her dress to Allie. We got to Decorah at 10-30 and went to the Bank and paid the interest and $60 on principal altogether $118.79. We ate at Grants Cafe & after we got through shopping we went down to see Lillie & then drove over to Ethels but she was over town & the neighbors were having a surprise on her so we didn't go in. We got two baskets of grapes at 30cts per basket and a big watermelon for 25cts. Luella and Roger were here a few minutes.

My Grandma, Grace Pierce

Oct 3, Wed.

Another warm day. We took Marilyn down to Violets and weighed her. She was 6 months old last Sat. and weighs 17 1/4 lbs. I made grape jam & Anita picked up potatoes in forenoon & helped pick a load of corn in afternoon. They went down to Merles & got apples. First I took my geraniums up today. Luelle was over after my suit case & Anita's coat. After supper we wrapped apples. Lucille Pierce is very sick & they took her to the hospital at Cresco.

Oct 4, Thurs.

Nice in morning but began to sprinkle in afternoon and rained a hard shower in evening. Howard came & plowed all day, only at noon he and Elmer went up to Guys to listen to the World Series ball game. Elmer took me to Ella Thayers to L.A. (Ladies Aid) & I came back with Jim & Eda. Raymonds went to Davenport today & LuVerne stays here nights. Lucille Pierce had her hand lanced and they took a lot of pus from it & she is getting along fine every other way. Charley Murdock was out looking over the telephone line but didn't do anything to it.

Oct 5, Fri.

A beautiful day. Lyle stopped here for me to go over to Raymonds with him to wash the separator but I wasn't dressed yet so Anita & I went over about 10-30 & I washed separator & took the eggs in & watered the hens. Howard was here again today. Elmer went up to Guys again at noon and then to Will Ericksons after seed corn.

Oct 6, Sat.

A lovely day. Anita cleaned all forenoon. I washed & made a cake. Howard was here cutting corn. LuVerne & Elmer took a grist to B.O. & picked up corn. Just after noon we went over to Luelle's & washed separator. Anita helped pick corn up for a while. Mr. & Mrs. Steger were here to buy a cow. In eve Elmer & Anita wrapped apples while I picked & dressed a chicken & did embroidery work on a bed spread. Lucille had a baby boy born at Cresco hospital at 5-30 and they lanced her other arm too.

Oct 7, Sun.

A beautiful day. We got up quite early. I made two pies & Anita baked a cake & mopped the kitchen. I went over to Raymonds & washed separator at 9 o'clock. Glen called & wanted me to come down & help while Mrs. E. is away & I told him I would go tomorrow noon. Ethel wants me to come there to help the middle or last of the week. Elsie, Merle & Deane were here all day. I went to church with Jim & Eda & heard the new minister Mr. Soule. Mr. & Mrs. Will Ashley came to Merles & then came here in afternoon.

Oct 8, Mon.

Cloudy nearly all forenoon and sprinkled a little but cleared up after noon. We did our washing and I made a pie. Howard was here to dinner & Elmer took me to B.O. at noon & Glen came there after me. Luella & Raymond got home just as we left so I didn't have a chance to talk with her. In eve Glen took Mrs. Narveson home & Florence & Mrs. N. went up town in afternoon. The baby was very good.

Oct 9, Tues.

A lovely day. I washed & dressed the baby & did the ironing. Glen is working at Calmar today so took his dinner. He got home about 6-30. I intended to go over to see Nada this evening but the baby was a little fussy so I didn't go.

Oct 10, Wed.

A very warm day, too warm for comfort. Glen over before six and we had all the work done early. Luella, Roger & Raymond were here a little while in forenoon. Anita called & said we had a letter from Doris and Marion's arm was swollen from kidney trouble. Glen came home about 5-30 with a finger that was hurt. He had Dr. Horton at Calmar dress it.

Oct 11, Thurs.

Very warm again. We got up very late this morning, all I did was wash the baby and wash dishes & some clothes for the baby. Anita & Elmer came about 2 & he went to the ball game & took the car up town to have the glass put in the back. Glen took us up town & we got a few things and came home & Elmer started home with Raymond & they passed us & Elmer got in with us. We had oyster soup for supper, $1.00 a qt. 
Ella Reed got a letter from Glen & he was at St. Louis.

Oct 12, Fri.

Rainy in morning & stopped for a while. We washed a few clothes & Anita helped Elmer pick a load of corn. After noon Anita & Elmer went to B.O. & she tried her dress on at Allies & then she & Luella went to club at Lottie Prices. It just poured before they got back to B.O. & Anita drove the car without chains. LuVerne went home after school.

Oct 13, Sat.

Cloudy all day. I washed some of the babys clothes. Anita had to help pick a load of corn before Elmer went to Canton with a grist. He sold 16 hogs for $9.25 (per hundredweight?). They brought $340. After dinner Anita & I went to Canton & she got her hair cut. Elmer came up with the truck that took the hogs. I got a felt hat at Edna Pierces gave $3.50 for it. Anita helped pick another load of corn after they got home from Canton. LuVerne stayed here while his folks went to Malters to a dance.

Oct 14, Sun.

Cloudy again. We had to do our Saturday work this morning. I ironed & made a pie, & Anita cleaned the house & dusted. And mopped. We went to church with Jim & Eda & after dinner we went over to Stevies a couple of hours.

Oct 15, Mon.

Nice in morning but clouded over & sprinkled hard about noon. We got our washing out before 9 as our boiler leaked & we couldn't boil them. They were nearly dry when it started to rain but got quite damp. After dinner we went over to Luella's when Elmer took a grist to B.O. & to a sale at Phil Seelyes but there wasn't any sale after he got there, so came home early. We ironed after we got home.

Oct 16, Tues.

Rained terribly hard in morning & most of the time until noon. Elmer went to B.O. before 9 & went to a sale at Ern Reed's, he bought a cow and gave $1 for it. Harold Reed brought it over in eve. Glen called up and wanted me to come down tomorrow and stay until Fri. or Sat.

Oct 17, Wed.

Rainy again. I got a letter from Doris & Hazel. Elmer went to Canton in morning. At noon he took me to B.O. & I came to Decorah with Frank Nash, it rained hard about 3 o'clock. So Glen came home from work about 4. The baby was very good all night.

Oct 18, Thurs.  Decorah

Very cloudy & misty in morning & rained toward night. Glen didn't go to work as it was too wet. I made a pumpkin pie and worked on bedspread nearly all day. Mrs. Lofte brought the washing home in eve. Mrs. Elvin Ellis & Evelyn was here in afternoon.

Oct 19, Fri.   Decorah

Not quite so bad today but cloudy. Glen went to work. I made a pie & ironed & washed the babys clothes. Harry Erickson & Emma Blegen were here in the afternoon. The baby was quite restless all night.

Oct 20, Sat. 

The sun shone at last. Glen went a little after five. I got up then and worked on bed spread until Florence got up. I went up town in forenoon. Florence baked two cakes & mopped the whole house. About 1-30 the folks got home from their trip & after they had lunch, Norman & Florence brought me home. We picked and dressed two chickens & I made fried cakes. Elmer went to Burr Oak in eve. Olga McCabe called a little before nine  said they would be here tomorrow. Raymonds went to a show in Decorah.
Elmer sold 17 hogs for $315.

Oct. 21, Sun.

Cloudy most of the day. I picked & dressed another chicken & made three pies & cabbage salad & pineapple salad & Spanish rice & Steve & Olga & kids came early. Luella came when Raymond went to Gene Olsons after a colt. Elmer went with him. Cecil & Agnes Wicks & children came about twelve. After dinner Steves went to Terry McCabes for a while & stopped here again when they came back. Everyone went home early & I am tired tonight.

Oct. 22, Mon.

A lovely day. We washed the colored clothes & baby clothes and I cleaned the big room upstairs. In afternoon I ironed & Anita helped Elmer stack corn stalks. Mr. Brokken was here & talked so long Elmer didn't go to Burr Oak. He went to Canton in eve to see Orlin Rasmussen about shredding. Quite cold tonight.

Oct 23, Tues.

Another day as beautiful as yesterday. We washed the rest of the clothes & I cleaned the closet upstairs. Elmer went to Ella Reeds sale & bought 9 sows for $20.25 a piece & bought the separator. In eve he went to Canton and Anita & baby went too. I am very tired and lame tonight.

Oct 24, Wed.

A lovely day. I made a pumpkin pie & mopped in forenoon & after dinner Anita & I went to Decorah. We went to see Lillie & then went over to Myrtles. Ethel & Marjorie were there helping paper. The car bucked all the way home & hopped along on three cylinders. Elmer went to Burr Oak in eve. I paid the Interest $312.50 on the loan.

Oct 25, Thurs.

We got up very early and had breakfast before six and after we were through the men with the shredder came & we had to get their breakfast. Anita went over after Luella in forenoon & took her home about 3. She discovered that Marilyn had a tooth. They shredded until 6-30 and believe me I was tired before I got the dishes done. I paid my (?yeoman?) dues for three months $9.65. Elmer went over to Ella Reeds & took the incubator down to Merles. He bought it at the sale. 
Florell Potter died this morning. 

Oct 26, Fri.

Nice in morning but soon clouded over. Elmer went to Louie's to shred. Anita & I went to Allies & got Anita's dress in morning. In afternoon I cleaned one room & finished cleaning the rag room. Anita & Luella went to club at Ella Reeds. Anita couldn't get the car started so Luella drove. I got the doll that I sent for for Margarette. There was a school play at B.O. tonight but we didn't go.

Marion, Margarette & Marilyn with their dolls... some years later

Oct 27, Sat.

Cloudy and foggy in the morning but cleared up and was nice but much colder. Elmer went to Cecil Wicks to shred. I finished cleaning upstairs. I cleaned Anita's & Elmers rooms. Howard was here plowing. We took him home in eve. Elmer went to Burr Oak in eve.

Oct 28, Sun.

Quite nice but cold. I went to church with Jim & Eda and went down to Merle's from church with Anita & Elmer. We had a big dinner. Stevies, Ashleys & Peckhams from Cresco were there & Jess & Zoa & George & Myra & Fern & Howard & Beverly.

Oct 29, Mon.

Froze very hard this morning. We did a big washing. Howard was here plowing. Elmer was shredding at Cecils. Marilyn was sick, her bowels were so loose & it just scalded her. We took her down to Violets to weigh her. She is 7 months & weighs 18 3/4. Violet gave us some medicine that she had for her babies & it helped but she was quite bad between 7 & 8 in eve.

Oct 30, Tues.

Frozen harder than yesterday, but was warmer in afternoon. Marilyn was better today, but wasn't entirely well. Elmer was at Mileys shredding. I made a pink outing dress for Marilyn. Anita washed for baby & got the cabbage in cellar. Anita had all the cows milked when Elmer got home, for this is the night of the Joan of Arc Club oyster supper. I went over with Jim & Eda. Anita & Elmer came home early for the baby was restless.

Oct 31, Wed.

Much warmer & cloudy. Elmer was shredding at Rheuwinkle's. Howard was here plowing. I cleaned the cellar & in afternoon we went down to school house to a Halloween program. Elmer went to Burr Oak in eve. It snowed toward morning, our first snow this fall.