Thursday, July 7, 2022

Three Tiny Poems

 Hello All:

I hope your 4th of July was as fun and relaxing as mine. We had a few folks over, grilled brats, played corn hole, made s'mores, had a fire in the fire pit and lit a few sparklers. Woohoo!

I'm getting ready for a busy week. One granddaughter will be visiting and helping me with crafts at our church Vacation Bible School.  It's a fun challenge and my main concern is energy level. Beam me up some extra energy, okay?

I ran into some old acrostics I had written in the margins of a sudoku, and thought I would share since it's that time of year when we like to have meals outdoors.  

My granddaughters' tea party


 Always a
     Nuisance at
Tea time


A short acrostic is as far as I can get at the moment.  Haha.  But... here's another...


Forget about
          Lolling lazily in the
           Yard...a fly will bite!

 - KE

Oh... and this one sprang to mind also:


Fascinating eyes but
 Lousy table manners,
You must shoo it out!


 Well, that's it folks. I wish you all some good outdoor time without the bother of these two pests.  I have had few bugs this year, but poison ivy has found me twice. It loves me, but I keep treatments on hand so it doesn't last long.

Yes, it is Poetry Friday, hosted this week by Jan at Book Seed Studio.  You are invited!!! Thanks, Jan.