Friday, July 5, 2019

Clothes on the line...

It was a lovely day here and I put my sheets out to dry in the sun. I love that I can still hang them, and wrote a poem about it some years ago. Today was a perfect day to get a picture and share with you, so... here goes! I hope you'll enjoy it, and please... feel free to leave a comment!

Ode to a Fading Pleasure

Call me old-fashioned,
but I find it sublime
to slip into bed sheets
fresh from the line.

The hanging of sheets
is a task I still savor:
the neatly pegged corners,
the chance chat with neighbor.

Then the kiss of the breeze,
and the bleach of the sun,
the heart of the day
infuses each one.

Sheets become crisp,
as they flap and they billow,
breathe a sweet honest fragrance
when head touches pillow.

Sheets fresh from the line
are indeed humble treasures.
Still, I hope someday soon
you’ll slip into their pleasures.

© Karen Eastlund 2013