Friday, July 7, 2023

Summer has its ways...

 Welcome to my musings on summer as a spiritual journey.  This month is hosted by Carol Varsalona... find her blog and links to others on this journey HERE. Thanks for hosting, Carol.  

Margaret Simon posted a video prompt on the summer solstice, and I wrote to it but never posted, so I will add it here. 

Water rushes
Heron wings away
One day lingers -- summer!

© Karen Eastlund

Summer is in full swing, and I'm trying to keep up. The weeks have been busy. Summer does not hold back.

I started spring with high intentions for my little garden. My best crop has been sugar snap peas. This is my second attempt at growing them, and I'm pleased to report a bumper crop. I had enough peapods to share with our guests on the 4th and still have a good bowl left. 

My bee balm is beautiful now. Bees buzz around it, and I love the color.

I made a yummy cake with my rhubarb, and my parsley is gorgeous.  

I had to restart my chives because of leaf miners, but the new ones are coming along nicely. I love chives in cottage cheese. Chock that up to my midwest heritage.   

As you can see, I have much to be thankful for. The verse below asks us to give thanks in all things. That is my challenge in the summer, because there are bits of summer that aren't lovely. You know how it is. Summer has its ways.

1 Thessalonians 5:18 KJV

In every thing give thanks: for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus concerning you.

My one lonely beefsteak tomato plant, which yesterday had 13 tomatoes on it, the largest about the size of a lemon, today has only two marble-sized tomatoes. Some creature got them, and I hope it is happy. I am not. Bah!!!

Two streaks of poison ivy currently decorate my arms. Where did it come from? Nonetheless, I am thankful for the modern remedies.

The sun and the heat are very hard on me. Summer ends up a balancing act between full coverage and staying cool, and heat exhaustion creeps up more often as I age. 

Oh summer!  You are a beauty. You are a challenge. You are a time of growth, both in nature and in the spiritual realm.  I am thankful for summer, and I appreciate its beauty, but I reserve my highest regards for the season to come.