Friday, December 24, 2021

A Quiet Christmas

Almost Christmas, I'm late to the party, but thought I would make a mad dash and add this anyway.
Due to circumstances beyond our control, ours will be a quiet Christmas, but we'll celebrate later, no worries. Here's a little bit of our quiet Christmas. 

This lovely porcelain dome, lit by candle, depicts a detailed and beautiful Christmas scene. 

I decided to try a cubed poem for Christmas:

Angels sing:
Glory! A
Blessed babe!!!

Shepherds too
Worship the
Holy One

While starshine
Splinters the
dark... truly!

Karen Eastlund

Many thanks to Buffy Silverman for hosting on this holiday Friday. You will find a lovely poem from our winter poetry poetry swap, as well as Buffy's beautiful tree poem at her site:

My best to you all for a merry, happy, healthy and kind holiday.


Thursday, December 16, 2021

Poetic Gifts

 Hello to my poetry friends. What a lovely gift arrived this week!

This is my first time to join the poetry swap within our community, and this week, just on schedule, I received a package of several gifts from the talented Margaret Simon. 

First is a poem written just for me...a lovely and thought provoking ekphrastic poem:

We are Lucent

lighting branches
of winter trees,
wicks lit in a circle
wreath centered on our shared table
counting days to solstice
soul-searching time.

We open our hearts
to whatever comes;
be it grace or grief,
we are ready.

We love what we love
licking our fingers
after stirring in butter.

We offer our gifts at a table
or under a tree
while we seek
those silent gifts
sent on swaying
winter trees.

by Margaret Simon for Karen Eastlund
Winter Poetry Swap 2021

This poem has special meaning for me as we have been burning candles daily in our home, a new practice instituted by my husband. I find that the glowing candles and the flickering flames offer a sense of hope and well-being beyond my expectations. We even made our own candle from leftover wax, and I found some waxed twine that suffices as a wick. We are lucent!!! I especially love the image of "licking our fingers after stirring in butter."

I also received a lovely book of art by Margaret's father... his pointillist images fascinate me...accompanied by poems by Margaret. An enclosed CD provides carols and Margaret's  reading of her poems. She speaks of her love for her father and his work as well as the season and gift of faith. What treasures!

Many thanks to Margaret for my very own glowing poem, and for the lovely book and CD. I will continue to enjoy them in the days ahead.

This time of year is a time of soul searching, of counting days. May your soul be well fed and your days rich with blessings. 

It is Poetry Friday! Join the group at Jone Rush Macculloch's where solstice greetings will abound. You are invited to join the fun.

Friday, December 10, 2021

With thanks for publication

 I'm delighted to have two poems in Bridget Magee's Ten by Ten Poetry Anthology: Celebrating Ten in Ten Different Ways. I received my copy and found that I have the honor of the very last poem in the book. I rather love that spot! So... here... without further ado... I will share with you...

 Great job on the cover!

What Tends to Happen

Spring again
Hoe in hand

I work the soil
Earthworms roil

Pull the weeds
Plant some seeds

Water deep
Plan to reap

But then...

Days get warm
Insects swarm

New weeds grow
I stub my toe

Mud stains
Interest wanes

Woodchucks excavate
Grubs decimate

Caterpillars chew
I'm through

Plants wilt
I gather guilt

End of tale...
Epic fail!


Next spring's plan...
Try again?

Or... alas...
more grass?

- Karen Eastlund

Thank you for including me in your anthology, Bridget! So much fun. And if any of you readers haven't found this book yet, it's available on Amazon and many of our posting friends are in it. Give it a try!

It is Poetry Friday, and you can find the gang at Cathy L Mere's Merely Day by Day. Cathy is a wise writer who has learned to be patient with her poems, and it shows in the one she posted today. Go ahead and take a look...

Thanks for stopping by today, and have a good week.

Friday, December 3, 2021

Inspired by this book...

An heirloom quilt... probably made by a relative of my Grandma Henrietta
It's December, get out the quilts! This one makes me smile...

 There's a book I fall back on when I need a little pick-me-up, and it's such a fun book that I thought I would share some of it today.  It isn't exactly poetry, but it is poetic, and perfect to use in a classroom. So... think of it as my little gift to you if you are a teacher or writer. It is a gem.

The title is I Love and it is written by Brigitte Minne. 

Without permission I can't share too much, but here's what Amazon says:

A girl describes all of her favorite things, from standing on her Papa's feet as he dances around the room to chewing bubble gum until it is just right.

The descriptions are in the voice of a young girl, but written so beautifully that you will get a warm fuzzy feeling as you are reminded of your own childhood. It also provides a good mentor text for young writers. 

Some are funny: I love to stare at the principal's large hairy mole.  

And don't miss this one: I love to stand on a chair when dinner is over and say, "Quiet, please.  I will now recite a poem."

Well, I've probably gone further than I should, but I do recommend this sweet quirky book. It will warm your heart and give you ideas for further writing.

And now, I will attempt a tricube as prompted by the book above. (I was going to add a tricube about making quilts but I can't get the photo I want, so... I rather like this one also.)

I love to
add a bow
to green wreaths

Round as the
wheel of year
full of twig

bough, berry
to my home

 - Karen Eastlund

The Poetry Friday round-up is over at Michelle Kogan's where she shares her gorgeous holiday card and poem. Find her HERE. It's always a good party so please join in!  

Happy December!

Wednesday, December 1, 2021

Hemmed with Quietness

 Welcome to Spiritual Journey Thursday! Those of us who post here share our journeys once a month. This month our focus is waiting, hope, and the seasonal holidays.

In the Christian tradition, this is the season of advent... a season of preparation for the coming of the Christ child. The season reminds me of pregnancy, it is a time of waiting and hope. These days, however, can get crazy busy. I have to remind myself... what is my focus?

I have a wonderful book of prayers that I'm sharing from today. It offers two year's of daily readings as well as many other resources. 

From The Celtic Book of Prayer: Prayers and Readings from the Northumbria Community,  Aidan's readings, the meditation for Dec. 7th offers these two gems:

  The pilgrim worried that he would not have much time to care for his love-relationship with God. The Lord answered:

    Do you have only one minute? Hem it with quietness. Do not spend it thinking how little time you have. I can give you much in one minute.  

    As the ripples of the river glance up to the light, let your heart glance up to Me in little looks of love very often in the day.

Many traditions celebrate this time of year. I wish you all gentle holidays. May your days be hemmed with quietness. May you find time to glance up with love. May your season be blessed with peace and joy.

Thanks to Christine Margoqs for providing our prompt this month and for hosting today. You can find Christine's most interesting post HERE.