Thursday, December 16, 2021

Poetic Gifts

 Hello to my poetry friends. What a lovely gift arrived this week!

This is my first time to join the poetry swap within our community, and this week, just on schedule, I received a package of several gifts from the talented Margaret Simon. 

First is a poem written just for me...a lovely and thought provoking ekphrastic poem:

We are Lucent

lighting branches
of winter trees,
wicks lit in a circle
wreath centered on our shared table
counting days to solstice
soul-searching time.

We open our hearts
to whatever comes;
be it grace or grief,
we are ready.

We love what we love
licking our fingers
after stirring in butter.

We offer our gifts at a table
or under a tree
while we seek
those silent gifts
sent on swaying
winter trees.

by Margaret Simon for Karen Eastlund
Winter Poetry Swap 2021

This poem has special meaning for me as we have been burning candles daily in our home, a new practice instituted by my husband. I find that the glowing candles and the flickering flames offer a sense of hope and well-being beyond my expectations. We even made our own candle from leftover wax, and I found some waxed twine that suffices as a wick. We are lucent!!! I especially love the image of "licking our fingers after stirring in butter."

I also received a lovely book of art by Margaret's father... his pointillist images fascinate me...accompanied by poems by Margaret. An enclosed CD provides carols and Margaret's  reading of her poems. She speaks of her love for her father and his work as well as the season and gift of faith. What treasures!

Many thanks to Margaret for my very own glowing poem, and for the lovely book and CD. I will continue to enjoy them in the days ahead.

This time of year is a time of soul searching, of counting days. May your soul be well fed and your days rich with blessings. 

It is Poetry Friday! Join the group at Jone Rush Macculloch's where solstice greetings will abound. You are invited to join the fun.


  1. I have Margaret's father's book, Karen & it is wonderful, I agree, as is Margaret's poem, connecting so beautifully to your own candle lighting. That ending is something we need to remember in gratitude: "those silent gifts
    sent on swaying
    winter trees." Happy Christmas to you & your family!

  2. Such a lovely poem and I like that you've been lighting candles daily at home! Candlelight is magical, spiritual, uplifting, and soul nourishing. Enjoy the holidays!!

  3. Margaret's poem is so touching and lovely. Thank you for sharing it here. Candles bring such a lovely glow to a home and always make me feel happy. Merry Christmas!

  4. Karen, what beautiful treasures you have received from Margaret. Her poem is glowing with the care and love she puts into her projects. I also am lucent this Christmas, such a difference between last year and now. My house glows with flameless candles.Peace to you this weekend.

  5. Happy Holidays! What lovely gifts you received! I love "silent gifts/ sent on swaying/ winter trees.

  6. Thanks for sharing, Karen. I don't know how I knew that you were lighting candles in your home, but I always put out more candles at Christmas than any other time of year. The word lucent was used by Amanda Gorman in her newly released book of poems. I was fascinated and wanted to use the word. I hope you will continue to enjoy the book and CD. Merry Christmas!

  7. How perfect that Margaret's poem highlights (pun intended) your new practice of burning candles and even making them!

  8. Yes, we are it grace or grief. Love that line. Such lovely gifts. I love Winter poem swap!

  9. Margaret 'lit' up your life, and by extension, ours as well! Thank you both for the holiday glow. :)