Friday, December 3, 2021

Inspired by this book...

An heirloom quilt... probably made by a relative of my Grandma Henrietta
It's December, get out the quilts! This one makes me smile...

 There's a book I fall back on when I need a little pick-me-up, and it's such a fun book that I thought I would share some of it today.  It isn't exactly poetry, but it is poetic, and perfect to use in a classroom. So... think of it as my little gift to you if you are a teacher or writer. It is a gem.

The title is I Love and it is written by Brigitte Minne. 

Without permission I can't share too much, but here's what Amazon says:

A girl describes all of her favorite things, from standing on her Papa's feet as he dances around the room to chewing bubble gum until it is just right.

The descriptions are in the voice of a young girl, but written so beautifully that you will get a warm fuzzy feeling as you are reminded of your own childhood. It also provides a good mentor text for young writers. 

Some are funny: I love to stare at the principal's large hairy mole.  

And don't miss this one: I love to stand on a chair when dinner is over and say, "Quiet, please.  I will now recite a poem."

Well, I've probably gone further than I should, but I do recommend this sweet quirky book. It will warm your heart and give you ideas for further writing.

And now, I will attempt a tricube as prompted by the book above. (I was going to add a tricube about making quilts but I can't get the photo I want, so... I rather like this one also.)

I love to
add a bow
to green wreaths

Round as the
wheel of year
full of twig

bough, berry
to my home

 - Karen Eastlund

The Poetry Friday round-up is over at Michelle Kogan's where she shares her gorgeous holiday card and poem. Find her HERE. It's always a good party so please join in!  

Happy December!


  1. Love the enjambment in the second to third stanza and how it makes this poems flow. Lovely. And thanks for the book recommendation, Karen. Enjoy your cozy quilts.

  2. I like the thought of round as a wheel of year full of twig bough. The book sounds delightful. It is wonderful share great books from the classroom. Tricubes are fun ways to share a small moment.

  3. Thanks for the heads up about I LOVE. Sounds delightful! Nice tricube too. Your wreath is lovely!

  4. Lovely post Karen! I'd like to check out your "I love" book, the girl seems very spirited! Thanks for your beautiful, full tricube poem with rhythmic words wrapping around each other, and your pretty wreath!

  5. "I Love..." sounds like a book I'd love, Karen. And your wreath poem and picture are 'fir'-real awesome. :)

  6. Thanks for ALL of the gifts in this post! ("Round as the / wheel of year...")

  7. "Round as the wheel of year" stood out to me, also. Thanks for sharing such a lovely poem and also for the book recommendation.

  8. I am going to look for that gem of a book, Karen. I am also with others who like so much about your tricube. I specially like the "round as the wheel of the year"....and a lovely welcome to your poetic home indeed.
    Janet Clare F.