Friday, August 27, 2021

It clings, I cringe

It's Poetry Friday! Come join the fun. Today's gathering is hosted by Elizabeth Norton at Unexpected Intersections. Elizabeth is sharing an eight line rhyming poem in the style of Jane Yolen. Elizabeth wrote about a marmot!  I love it! Have you ever seen one?  I almost sat on one once, while on vacation in the Rockies.  Good grief... I'll have to find that photo!

My poem is also about an animal. Maybe I'll have to try the eight line rhyming form to see if this poem works better that way, because... I can't seem to finish it.  I've tried three or four "last" stanzas, so far I don't like any of them. Anyway, here's the back story:

Our son's dog, Thor, visits from time to time. He's beautiful, and he behaves quite well... unless he is anxious. The thing is, many things make him anxious... strangers, other dogs, children on swings, and being away from home. And...I must admit that I am more comfortable babysitting my grandchildren than dog sitting. I try, but the connection is vague. So... when a visit is over, I find myself writing poems like this:


More than 
dog breath
More than 
More than 
At my 
The thing 
makes me 
the most
is clingy 
dog hair

Though gone 
three weeks
his hair 
playing little
on the stair, 
on rugs, 
in air...

draft - Karen Eastlund

Thor a few years ago... he is a handsome fellow!

Anyway... that's as far as I got... this is definitely a draft.  If you want a challenge, see if you can finish it for me!

Thanks for reading, and thanks again to Elizabeth for hosting. 

Best wishes, Karen


  1. Fun draft - it says so much with wonderful language!

  2. I live in the Rockies, so yes, love those marmots! You really almost sat on one? I know they're quiet & seem lazy, but... I like your poem & understand. My son & family have two bernese mountain dogs, well behaved, but long after they leave, fur wisps continue!

  3. Ha! Yup. Dog hair...when we had our dog, it got to be like tumbleweed sometimes. Oh, it just lasts forever! Fun poem.

  4. Oh, Thor IS a handsome pup. And, yes, we have a tiny dog, but any time the kids visit and bring theirs, the vacuum stays quite busy after they depart... ;0)

  5. Karen I can imagine the shock you felt at your close encounter with a marmot!

    What a wonderful fairy dog-mother you are to welcome Thor despite the challenges he brings.

  6. I. Can. Relate! Both to an anxious dog and the persistence of dog hair. Fabulous poem, Karen. :)

  7. Karen, your thoughts flow so well that I am sure you will come up with some wonderful ending the next time you dog sit.

  8. Dog hair. One of the things we do (or put up with) for love. Thor is definitely one handsome dog!