Thursday, August 5, 2021


We all know this truth: respect must be earned. It cannot be forced. 

Respect is not a trust we give easily and consistently unless we see qualities that are strong, pure, faithful, and serving. -- from Forerunner Commentary

I worked with a woman who deserved my respect. She worked hard, spoke the truth, held people accountable, and helped others when most would have walked away. I knew I could count on her. She had my respect. 

My respect looks mainly to God and is reiterated each time I say the Lord's Prayer: Hallowed be Thy name. I try to keep God at the center. 

This familiar verse speaks to me about respecting others:

My recipe for showing respect to others has four ingredients, but don't trick yourself into thinking it is an easy recipe. None of these ingredients is as simple as it sounds. Showing respect is a lifelong learning and challenge.

Empty your ego

Listen well

Practice patience

Let love guide you

Thanks to Linda Mitchell for hosting our Spiritual Journey group today. Find her and links to others in our group here.


  1. I love this's an Rx for getting back on track. Pretty much all of what we need IS in The Lord's Prayer, isn't it? I have taken students for granted, I think. I have missed them so much during the pandemic that I think I'm going to really love being with them again. In my way, I respect students for the relationship we create together.

  2. Love your thoughts on respect and especially your recipe for showing respect. It is a lifelong effort and one that is much needed in today's world. I liked the description of your colleague: "I knew I could count on her." Hopefully we can be people worthy of respect like she was.

  3. Karen,
    Thank you for your post. You described that woman you worked with so well that I know I would respect someone like that too. I love your recipe for respect and how you warn "don't trick yourself into thinking it is an easy recipe." Indeed, "showing respect is a lifelong learning and challenge." Well said!

  4. Karen, you're so right - there's no easy recipe for showing respect! Your poem encapsulates it well - but how hard those things are to do, truly. The Golden Rule - if only, if only, if only people would practice that... thank you for reminding us of these truths.

  5. Karen, I am sorry that I am getting back to you so late but your words come at the right time. I sit here this morning thinking about respect, knowing that I have to practice what I preach. Your short poem is a wonderful prescription to live by. I just read it to my husband and asked him if we could abide by these lines this week. Thank you.

  6. You're right that each of those four steps is a challenge! It's a good recipe, though!