Friday, October 29, 2021

A Monster at my Door

 Welcome friends! It's that time of year again... spooky sights appear all up and down my street, and yesterday, one showed up at my door.  What to do?  Write a poem, of course!


A monster showed up
in my tree
It seems as if 
It laughs at me

It chomps its teeth
And blinks its eyes
But I'm not scared
It's no surprise

The night of rascals
Soon is here
When wizards, ghosts
And imps appear

When jack-o-lanterns
Wink and blink
When hoot owls hoot
And varmints slink

I'll play along
With all the fun
'Cuz soon enough...

       They'll all be gone!!!

© Karen Eastlund

In case you'd like to rehearse a Halloween song, here's a post from a few year's back with my attempt at scaring the bejeebers out of you!  Scary Halloween Song.

Thanks to the great Linda Baie for hosting our group today.  Find her spooky (dark and devilish) post here.  All the Poetry Friday gang will be sharing links at her place today. Don't miss the costume party!


  1. How fun! I want to come around and see this monster when the jack-o-lanterns wink and blink.

  2. Your monster is FABULOUS, and I love that it inspired such a fun poem!

  3. Ha! Cute Halloween rhyme! I have blinking eyes--just eyes--in my front bushes, but your monster goes the extra mile.

  4. "The night of rascals"! Great description. I like "varmints slink" too. (I guess I like those Yosemite Sam-ish words.) And the fun ending! :)

  5. Love the 'creativity' of your monster and, like Tabatha, "The night of rascals
    Soon is here", & you are one! I remember your ghostly song, Karen, so fun! Happy Halloween to you!

  6. Spooktacular poem, Karen. So fun and perfectly captures the Halloween-y spirit! Only problem is that tree monster is staring at me now . . .

  7. What a great monster - he could fit right in on Sesame Street! I like how your poem moved from the monster to capturing the experiences of Halloween.

  8. What a fun post, poem, and fabulously creepy MONSTER Tree—and your poem has such a jaunty rhythm too, thanks Karen!

  9. Varmints, hoot owls, monsters, oh my! I love the joy in this poem.