Wednesday, October 30, 2019

Really Scary Halloween song!

Hey, it's almost Halloween!  Are you ready???


When you get to be my age, your voice can be scary without even trying!  So, when I sang this Halloween song recently, my retreat friends asked me if I would put it online so they could learn it.  I know their voices won't be as scary as mine, but I can live with that. Tee hee.

With the help of my husband/technical director, we worked on and off throughout the day yesterday and finally managed to make this video. It scares me, I admit. So you must be very brave... and hold on to your pointy hats! Here goes...

Here are the words and actions for your further learning pleasure.

It is Halloween and the lamps are lit   (make the "tch" sound as hand turns switch)
Around the campfire children sit        (one hand makes a circle)
Telling ghost stories bit by bit             (hands around your mouth, like whispering)
'Til sister Jane says, "Shhhh!"            (pointer in front of lips)
"Who's that knocking at the kitchen door?"     (knock on something)
"Who's that walking 'cross the bedroom floor?"   (slap thighs to sound footsteps)
"Who's that screeching til their throat is sore?"   (hands at neck, then SCREECH)
It's a.... GOBLIN!                                   (hands shoot out to scare them)

Good luck singing this song with your kiddos. As for me, I'm done making videos for a while... this one was terrifying! 

Signing off with a witchy cackle!


  1. My granddaughters are coming over, will play this for them, Karen. You and your husband made it beautifully!

    1. Linda: Thanks for sharing! I hope it won't scare them too much! Hahah.