Wednesday, October 2, 2019

October's Beauty

Welcome to another post in the Spiritual Journey series. We've changed our picture and name a little, but the main idea is the same: a few of us get together once a month to share our insights.

My friend, Cory Corrado, posted a poem on David L. Harrison's blog recently, that really spoke to me. I found myself mulling on the two opening lines of the verses below. Thank you, Cory, for giving permission to use your work:

From Vine to Branch

I greet each morning with a goal
To feast on things that feed my soul
Perch in my garden, rain or shine
Breathe in the space where all is fine
So many gifts, from Him, a sign
I greet each morning with a goal
To feast on things that fill me whole
A sparrow swaying on the line
Singing songs . . . simply divine
So many gifts, from Him, a sign...

© Cory Corrado (19/09/29)
Lovely, isn't it?  And so I began to think about what fills my soul, and that led me to "beauty." As I thought more, I realized that the sources of beauty are endless. We are so richly blessed. In order to keep the post manageable, I am calling it "October's Beauty."

Autumn brings it's own beauty, and if you are anything like me, you wait with eager anticipation. I love autumn. The cool air refreshes me, the brilliant colors fill my soul, the idea of a grand finale before the silence of winter helps me appreciate God's sense of drama.

I see God's humor in autumn as well. "You saw everything in shades of green? Hah! I can make you see red!"

Humor has its own beauty, and definitely lightens my soul. Recently, for instance, after a night of scant sleep, I made a lot of mistakes. I apologized to my husband, who thought a minute and then said, "I find it hilarious! They're your mistakes and not mine!" The laughter we shared? Beautiful.

Speaking of my husband, this month is our anniversary. I was shocked this morning when I realized the number of years.  Honestly!  In my mind it had to be less than... 48!?! Astonishing. And to think of all we've been through together! Enduring love IS a beautiful thing.

I love classical music, and recently found two beautiful PBS Great Performances programs. Violinist Scott Yoo has produced a 4-part series on classical music that is phenomenal!  So far I've listened to highlights from Bach and Vivaldi, seen the places they lived and worked, the instruments of the time, etc. I appreciated the insights of today's musicians regarding our rich musical heritage. Music and learning make a beautiful duet, and this series really warms my soul.  I recommend it.

NOW HEAR THIS host Scott Yoo in the first episode of the miniseries, “Vivaldi...

I am so grateful to my grandchildren, whose childhood simplicity and innocence bring me constant joy. How can I not smile when a beautiful face like this appears on my driveway?  It is the essence of sweetness.

One of my jobs this month will be supporting a pumpkin patch at my church. We hope to dazzle every passer-by with the bounty and beauty of God's world. If you happen to be near Pluckemin, NJ, look for a church with a tall white steeple and a lot of pumpkins. Stop and say "hi" and buy a few!

I'll leave you with one of my favorite verses, Philippians 4:8, "Finally, brothers and sisters, fix your thoughts on what is true, honorable, right, pure, lovely and admirable. Think about things that are excellent and worthy of praise."  I think we could further paraphrase that to: Feast on things that feed your soul. Thanks again, Cory. You nailed it!

Thank you for reading today. I invite you to share your thoughts with me in the comment section below. As the month progresses, I wish you daily beauty, the enduring warmth of love and the carefree spirit of laughter.


  1. Karen, thank you for sharing all that reflects beauty during the month of October. Your list is a long one but in reality there are so many pieces in life that are beautiful for us to witness. This line resonates with me: "the idea of a grand finale before the silence of winter helps me appreciate God's sense of drama.' People of faith understand that all reverts back to the Lord. Congratulations on an upcoming anniversary and hosting Spiritual Journey Thursday. I am going to meditate on the Scripture quote as I sneak into bed soon.

    1. Karen, my post, Summer's Enduring Beauty, can be found at

  2. Thank you for hosting and for sharing so many beautiful things! Happy anniversary! Here's my post:

  3. Karen - so much beauty in this post! Cory's poem, those red leaves, you eating your wedding day cake...I love that you're spending time in the pumpkin patch, too. So many gifts, indeed. Happy anniversary!!! Thank you for sharing. xo

  4. Thank you, Karen, for your soul-nourishing post to greet this lovely Thursday morning. How heart-warming, spirit-lifting, smile-making yours words and magnificent pictures. You so eloquently express my love of autumn and beauty's ever-presence. I feel blessed to be part of this journey. I will endeavor to live the Philippians verse each day.
    Happy anniversary, Karen. Happy autumn!


  5. Thanks, Karen, for a beautiful post and your wish for us to have "daily beauty, the enduring warmth of love and the carefree spirit of laughter." I agree with you that sources for beauty are truly endless if we look around us. Here's my post -

  6. Thanks Karen for hosting with such a wonderful theme and rich post of poetry and love. I'm chiming in late:

  7. Thanks for hosting Karen. I am so late, late, late to posting, but it isn't for lack of trying! So much beauty in the day distracting me! Loved reading all the facets of beauty in your post today.


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