Tuesday, October 29, 2019

Happy apple pie...

It's that time of year when apples are fresh and crisp and I, for one, cannot get enough of them. Stayman Winesap have just the right amount of tartness and sweetness for me, but they are hard to find. Luckily, I have some in my refrigerator right now.

My birthday is this week, and my husband made me an apple pie ahead of time that was SO beautiful,  SO yummy, I just had to write about it and share the picture.  My hasty poem does not do it justice, but in this case, I will say it is the thought that counts.

Birthday Pie
Apple pie
The way he bakes it
Pastry made with lard
Mounds of slices
Mixed with spices
Butter bits here and there
Second pastry
Trimmed and crimped
Some curves carved in for steam
Cinnamon sugar sprinkled on
Bake to a golden brown
Mmm -mm- Mmm- Mmm- mm

Did you see that pork fat (lard) is now ranked among the top 10 most nutritious foods?!? The news just gets better and better. Happy apple pie to you!


  1. Definitely a magnificent pie! And I love the poem too!
    I was honored to share another of these delectable pies with you both recently, thank you so much! :D <3