Friday, November 12, 2021

I Raked Yesterday

 I woke up early yesterday. The lawn needed raking before the final mow, so I got up and raked. I could hear the birds singing in the cool air, and raking felt good. I much prefer it to the din of leaf blowers.

Leaves falling into the Black River

Later in the day we walked in the woods to the south of us. Rain was expected in the evening and Friday, so we thought Thursday might be the last day to see good color before rain brings the leaves down. 

I found an old poem that I'm working on and will share here... I haven't thought about a title yet.

A lone leaf
Past my window
Too late
For the main event
The branches bare
The streets
Already hoovered

© Karen Eastlund

It's a beautiful time of year... I hope you are enjoying it wherever you are. My best to you.

It's Poetry Friday, of course. This week is hosted by the famous Matt Forrest Esenwine at Radio, Rhythm & Rhyme. Thanks for hosting, Matt!


  1. Very nice, Karen - "already Hoovered," I love it!

  2. Like the poem, Karen. I feel for that lone leaf . . .

  3. Some trees are bare after big winds these recent days; some cling. I love that ending, Karen, "hoovered" is so right, for some parts, of course. We have no rain coming & I'm out to do more raking. I leave some everywhere for those who need more shelter in the winter, but lots of surrounding trees keeps me going still. Hope your weekend is cozy!

  4. Love the idea of "too late." That takes me down a whole new path of thought.

  5. Your poem resonates with Michelle Kogan's #throughwindowku! Someone should do a collection of poems inspired by what you see when looking out your window! (Maybe someone already has...)

  6. I love that you've written the poem with that stray last leaf in mind.

  7. Karen, that poem is precious. I love the lines "Too late
    For the main event" These lines made me smile thinking of that one late leaf racing past your window.

  8. Karen, this poem brings me to the end of autumn with flare-you whipped up a wordplay poem about the main event. Loved that you used the word hoovered. I hope you will offer this for my Bedecked in Autumn Gallery. Check you email for more.

  9. Maybe the last lone leaf is not too late, but a strategic survivor! Love this, Karen, and thank you for raking and not blowing.

  10. Love this. It reminds me what is happening here in Oregon.

  11. Lovely image of your "whirlwind leaf" and the river image is gorgeous. I'm so captured by falling leaves I've been trying to photograph them but haven't captured one yet, thanks!

  12. I love to think about that one last leaf. Having missed the main event, I'm sure it will tuck in someplace comfortable for the winter!