Friday, February 28, 2020

Poetry Friday, The Humble Candlestick

Candle burning bright

Happy first Friday of Lent.  I chose this poem from 2015 to share today. I hope you like it. Also, if you have a lenten practice, you might want to check out yesterday's post, which offers a prayer from the Celtic tradition.

Behold the humble candlestick
It bravely offers up its wick
To host the fire’s hungry lick

Then waning, shines on through the night
The victim of a dancing sprite
Aglow with endless appetite

As one they dance and ebb toward dawn
Til a sputtering, guttering, bottomless yawn
Proves sprite and candle both are gone

What morrow for the candlestick
That quietly offers up its wick?
Yet it shines a light! That’s no mean trick.

- Karen Eastlund

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It's Poetry Friday, gathering today at Karen Edmisten's blog. You can find it here.  Karen has a poem about February's extra day. You won't want to miss it!

Keep your lamps trimmed and burning...


  1. I love this descriptions, "a sputtering, guttering, bottomless yawn." Thank you for this poem to light our way to spring.

  2. So lovely, Karen!! Might be my favorite of all your poems I've had the pleasure to read so far. :)

  3. Thank you for sharing this Karen! I enjoyed the poem. The rhythm of the poem is really nice and takes you through the dance of candle and flame until both are gone. Thank you.

  4. Oh, this is great, Karen. I love "That quietly offers up its wick?" I'm reading a long and dense book about the night & the people and their lives. Candles were mostly for the rich, and one was not to be burning many even in their homes. I smile to imagine one of them from the 1600s enjoying this poem!

  5. What a wonder-filled poem, Karen. I too am taken with it quietly offering up its wick - and that dancing sprite!

  6. Beautiful Karen! That first stanza could even stand alone, it's so powerful.

  7. Ah, the humble candlestick. Lovely, Karen !

  8. Lovely--and so much fun to say sputtering, guttering, bottomless yawn.