Thursday, February 6, 2020

A Season of Questions

CV_SJT2020.jpgThanks to the multi-talented Carol Varsalona for this lovely new logo for our Spiritual Journey Thursday group. I'm very pleased to be able to use it here. Carol is also hosting our group today at Beyond LiteracyLink. She asked us to consider Seasonal Bliss with the verse from Ecclesiastes: For everything there is a season, a time for every purpose under heaven.

For me this is a quiet time, and a time of questioning. My husband and I walked a new path recently, and we found some pools that we had been unaware of, hidden in the woods and brush. What animals visited these pools? We heard a "squaaanck" overhead and saw a heron settle onto a branch. Where had it been? And what caused it to move? Would it find fish in this pool?

Outside my front door, the daffodils are already poking up. Will they see snow before they bloom?

Can you see the paper wasp nest that we discovered in our tree once the leaves were down? Will we need to do something about that? Can we co-exist?

In my backyard, I had a pair of cardinals, the male looking straight into my window as I looked out. What was he thinking? I gave a prayer of thanks for his visit, his bright red, then watched his mate as she foraged on the ground. Had she found some sunflower seeds that squirrel missed?

I was picking up large sticks that had fallen from a neighbor's tree when I came upon a large pile of scat. (No picture needed... haha.) What in the world left that?  A groundhog? A deer? Has my yard become the dumping spot for every rabbit in the area?

Today, a pair of house finches found my feeder. Will they bring their friends next time?

In choir, we recently sang these words: "What does the Lord require of us?"

So many questions to ponder. I'm glad for this quiet time, for time to watch each day unfold in its own way.

May your days unfold with many questions, and a few good answers.


  1. Love your season of questions and that both of us have daffodils popping up through the brown. Questions to ponder and answers to listen for...thank you, Karen, for your thoughts.

  2. This post is so full of life! I love the wondering about what animals visit the pools...and yes, even leave the scat. Did you see the recent video of the coyote and badger running into a tunnel to get out of the rain? There's so much life all around us. I love the way that feels here.

  3. A season of questions is a great title for this post, Karen. At this time of year we can pause to notice and listen for any signs of life around us, like you did, Karen. I am gong to use your question, "What does the Lord require of us?", as a nighttime thought before sleep.

    For everything there is a season, a time for every purpose under heaven.

  4. Questions are good. Here's wishing you some answers.