Thursday, February 13, 2020

A Sweet Story and a Laugh...

Happy Valentine's Day, everyone! 
Today I have a sweet story to share with you. Before we were married, my husband bought me a little peperomia plant. I loved its shiny heart-shaped leaves. Over time it has lived inside and out, in large pots and small. Sometimes I overwatered, sometimes I let it get too dry. Sometimes it was leggy, sometimes it was full of leaves. Sometimes it blossomed. Over time I have learned what it likes, and we have gotten along together. Cuttings have been shared with a number of people. Come this summer, I think it will be 49 years ago that I received it. This cutting, which I took last spring... now looks very much like that plant when I received it. I still love those leaves.   💖

We've had our share of gray rainy days lately and I, for one, could use a good laugh.  How about you?

A preschool story I recently remembered:
Early in the day, standing around the table, counting heads. 
Me: Where is Alicia? Does anybody know?
Little Boy: I know, I know... she can't come today. She's sick.
Me: Awww, that's too bad. I'm sorry. I hope it's just a cold?
Little Boy: No...I think her mom said she has chicken nuggets.

Just looked out my window and saw that a flock of robins has flown into my yard!  

A small winter flock of robins.


  1. Ah, we have much warmer weather today, & now you're sharing robins & robin rhymes- nothing nicer! I love your story of your plant. I have some plants I've carried along for years, but not as romantic, Karen!

    1. Love that plant! Like an analogy of a good, lasting marraige with all its ups and downs.