Thursday, March 5, 2020

The Still Point

I have practiced balance in yoga classes. Have you?  My balance is usually better on my left side, and a bit of a struggle on my right. In either case, when working on balance, the suggestion is to find a spot in the distance to focus on. A still point. Keep eyes trained on that point, and try to keep balance.

As I thought about balance this week, it came to me that there was another time when I was encouraged to keep my eyes trained on a still point. Some years back I received these words written by Julian of Norwich:

  God is the still point 
at the center 
utterly at home 
God lives in us forever

photo credit to Pixabay

These four phrases come from Julian's book: Enfolded in Love: Daily Readings with Julian of Norwich

Despite the name, Julian was a woman, later sainted by the Anglican church. She lived in the 14th-15th centuries, and her book Revelations of Divine Love, is believed to be the first book ever written by a woman in English.
(The above is taken from Cygnus Blog, a UK magazine exploring mind/body/spirit. Find more here.)

Although these phrases look like a poem, they were culled from Julian's texts and did not originally appear together. I guess they might be considered a blackout poem. At any rate, I have found them to be deeply calming and helpful. I kept them on my refrigerator for years, and even now they remain in my heart and brain.

Just as my grandgirls practice balance on the playground, we benefit from practicing balance, both physical and spiritual. As we go forward, seeking to keep balance in the face of all our challenges, I hope you also will fall back on these words.
God is the still point...

Another of Julian's phrases is a good closing for today.

All shall be well, and all shall be well, and all manner of thing shall be well.

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My best to you all...


  1. Those lines are profound. I think of Psalm 46:10 - Be still and know that I am God. One of my life’s verses. I also appreciate learning about Julian. I should think those daily readings are needed spiritual fuel; one can go a long way on them. About yoga and balance ... I can’t help from smiling, as my left and right sides are SO out of balance at present with my broken foot! (although it’s healing nicely). Much beauty & truth here, Karen.

  2. So many ways to find balance in today's world. Adults work at it and children play at it. Is there something we could learn here? Love the pic of your grand girls. And the reminder that God is at the still point. Your found poem is perfect for today's theme.

  3. God is the still point-what a beautiful thought to calm me down and ready me for bed. This has not been a still week, Karen, so I appreciate those 4 little words with such a deep message. May your week be blessed.