Friday, March 13, 2020

Keeping our Collective Chins Up

I don't know about you, but it hasn't been the best week for me.  I won't go into it, just trust me. So, in an effort to keep our collective chins up, I thought I would post a few things that might bring either a smile or some hope.  'Nuff said?  Okay... here goes...

Some quilted hearts, to share my love...

A sweet grandchild smiles from above...

A basket of flowers, vibrant & beauteous...

A Grandfather's hat... clearly hilarious!

A smiling face of sidewalk chalk

The glories of an autumn walk

A sunset tints the ocean rose

A snowman with a stone cold nose

These rhymes and pics... I must impart...
Are simply shared to warm your heart.

And if you, like me, could use a prayer this week, here is a lovely one from the the Felgild Compline:

Calm me, O Lord, as You stilled the storm.
Still me, O lord, keep me from harm.
Let all the tumult within me cease.
Enfold me, Lord, in Your peace.

It's Poetry Friday... find more poetry at Matt Esenwein's Radio, Rhythm & Rhyme


  1. Mission accomplished! My heart is cozy right now thanks to these pictures. I am in love with that sidewalk chalk! And yes, how fun, Grandpa's hat... Thank you! xo

  2. Definitely one of the most positive posts today. I'm feeling better already!

  3. Thank you SO much for this calming and comforting post. Love all the pics and your clever rhymes. Adorable grandkids :).

  4. This gave me a smile for sure. I am pretty much bed ridden from Ramsey Hunt Syndrome (shingles that start in the inner ear and spread to other areas of head, face, jaw and in your neck). It is very painful. Unfortunately, the doctor says it can last for week or months. I am on my on my third week. I am praying for a fast recovery soon. I know God is with me and He is good always.

    1. Gwen... so sorry to hear this. A friend had this recently and was in a great deal of pain. I'm so sorry. I hope it recedes soon. On another front, my sister Marion had a knee replaced, fell and broke that same leg, and right now is having a 2nd knee replacement. Oy. Life gets trickier. So far we are hanging in. Best to you and Ron.

  5. Sweetest, loving post, Karen. What a day, week, month? it has been. I love seeing all the pics, of course, but especially your darling grandchildren. And I love that you found a picture for each line and rhymed! Best wishes to you and the family!

  6. Oh, this is the perfect post for today. Thank you so much. I've found myself in quite a tizzy over all the unsettling news and it was lovely to see your happy, heart-warming moments. Thank you for the beautiful prayer too. "Let all the tumult within me cease." Yes, please!

  7. Karen, how delightful to have a photo poem to read through and make me smile. I love seeing your lovely grandchildren and the snowman is adorable. The best part of the whole post was the prayer. As I settle down for evening this is one that has a sense of calmness as I say the words.

  8. Lovely poem! A list sure to warm anyone's heart. And the paired images are perfect. I'm seeing my grandchildren today, so I especially enjoyed the reminder of how much they can be the light and warmth in the heart that keep us going.

  9. Thanks for this post full of positivity! We need that!

  10. Thank you for your gorgeous photo-illustrated list poem. YES to focusing on bits of beauty and joy to help through tumultuous times. Lovely prayer, too. Sending good thoughts, Karen. I hope things get better.

  11. Sweet post! Thanks for bringing us joy even during your own struggle. xo

  12. Oh I how I love your pics, your poem, and the prayer you shared. It's going into my notebook. Hugs and prayers as you face your current challenges!

  13. Oh, how wonderful each word of this post is...the hat, the grandchild above, the stone cold nose...the prayer that I need. Wonderful and power-packed. Thank you so much!

  14. THANK YOU for the glorious poetry hug, Karen!

  15. What a great idea for a rhyming poem, Karen. I love the way you wove these photographs together to create your verse. (Grandpa's hat is very chic!)