Friday, October 30, 2020

Halloween 2020: Vegetables!!!

 Okay, let's face it... Halloween may not be to our liking this year. Yes, we are wearing masks, and some of us have been overdoing a bit on the candy, but that isn't really the point, right?  I did, however, get a cackle over this:

And speaking of vegetables, I helped with a pumpkin sale again this year. What is it about pumpkins? They always make me smile. Every one has a personality and a bright outfit. This one, for instance, seems to be blushing.

And this one is SO TALL!

What a swirl of delight!  

I learned this year that the gray-green ones are HEAVY!

But I do enjoy them... warts and all...

So... I took a challenge from Matt Forrest Esenwine and tried a triolet...

Pumpkins squat and bright and round
Gathered now in autumn's hold
Your droll expressions so renowned
Pumpkins squat and bright and round
What message in this fall playground?
Leave a seed! Shine your light! Be bold!
Pumpkins squat and bright and round
Gathered now in autumn's hold.

© Karen Eastlund

Join the Poetry Friday gang at Linda Baie's Teacher Dance for more Halloween fun.


  1. Thanks for the pumpkin-y fun, Karen! Got a cackle too over the 2020 Halloween candy. Perfect!!

  2. I LOVED the image that you used for this. Cracked me up. Your triolet is delightful! They're sometimes so hard to get a good feel for, but yours has a tight rhyme scheme and I love the idea of sharing a seed and shining, from a pumpkin. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Oh, delightful, love those brussels sprouts all covered with, chocolate! And your triolet is just right "droll expressions so renowned". I saw someone on FB I think who took all kinds & painted faces on them plus gourds, too, then delivered to neighbors, very fun! And love that you helped with a pumpkin sale. That must have been a good time, Karen! Happy Halloween!

  4. I enjoyed your pumpkins, words and images!

  5. Love your triolet! The first image made me snort! 2020 has been SUCH a much...

  6. Karen, I wonder what chocolate covered brussels sprout taste like? I like both but never seen a treat like that. I never have seen gray pumpkins so that seems like a good surprise. How would you like to offer your delightful triolet for Abundant Autumn Gallery?