Friday, October 2, 2020

New Car... Whoopie!

 I got a new car, and actually I love it, but one issue prompted this poem:

Me in new car!

A Full Six-Year Warranty

My auto blew a gasket
Which began my current tale
Repair was much too costly to endure

So for forty-days and matching nights
I searched and surfed and mused
A used car would suffice, I felt secure

At last I cast my lot and got
A wagon of my liking
Style, pep and cost all fit me well

But driving home at highway speed
A rhythmic moaning hounded me
And where it came from, I just couldn't tell

So I returned to Service
Inquired about the moan
"It's tire noise, no worries!" he said to me

"In time it may get better...
Tires are fine... See ya later..."
I love my car... but can't help moaning about the six-year warranty.

© Karen Eastlund

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  1. Ha! Congrats on your new car, Karen. I hope that moaning goes away (though it never feels good when a mechanic brushes off your concerns).

  2. Your poem made me think of our current car. Our transmission went out just before our warranty ran out. That was a costly repair that we were thankful was still (barely) covered.

  3. New cars are fun, but there is always something to get used to.

  4. Karen, your poem shared a sad tale of one more issue in life. I hope your new car's noise is not a prolonged problem. Best of luck.

  5. How fun! I love a new car...and I always wonder how long my love of the new car will last until it simply becomes, "the car." Six year warranty? Yowsa! Is that a good deal? Your poem makes me wonder...but you knew that. Great poem!

  6. My family keeps at me about getting a new car, but my old one still keeps going. I hope you love your new car more & more & it doesn't prompt any more poems, at least about the "moaning". This poem is lots of fun to read, Karen!

  7. Cars and computers are my nemeses! I hate feeling so dependent on these machines when I have no clue about how they work or what is "normal".

  8. Riding in the backseat of my son's car, the tires roar to the degree that I have to lean into the front seat to hear conversation. "It may get better..." well, yeah, maybe as in getting used to it! Easy for Service to say! I do hope you enjoy your new car, though. Your poem, so witty and wry, makes me smile - and wince!

  9. Your poem is proof that there is a poem waiting for us wherever we look!
    (Good luck with the tires...)

  10. I 'wheelie' love your poem, Karen! Congrats on your new car and thank you for the smile. :)

  11. (TOO cute, Bridget!!) Karen, you have certainly made the best of a somewhat stressful situation with your Uber-fun (see what I did there?) poem! My old car, a Honda, has about 240,000 miles on it. When I do have to replace it, I'm a bit concerned that I won't know what to do with everything that's now computerized - ha!!
    Safe travels!

  12. I like your smiling thumbs up. Hope you don't have to update your poem with any other car problems, Karen!

  13. Buying and maintaining cars is one of my least favorite thing. My husband and I share a car, and now with our adult daughter living with us during pandemic (she lives overseas, usually), there are 3 of us sharing a car. And it just started making a funny noise. So your poem, while funny, hit a little too close to home! Wishing us both healthy cars!

  14. Karen, I am so happy your posted this poem today. It was so much fun to see on Tuesday in class.

  15. Hi Karen, I thought you'd like to know that I'm pretty sure here in Haiti the typical warranty for a new car is six months. :-) (You should see our roads!)