Friday, October 9, 2020

Autumn Garden

 By October I lose my zeal for gardening, although I'm finally quite happy with my zinnias (some creature ate the tender tips off them just after transplanting, so it took most of the summer to get any blooms) and just behind them this year are some gangly spider flowers. They had been volunteering in front of my house and I decided to move them. I rather like the two together.

See the little orange pumpkin, peeking in the corner?  I had plans for it as well as another which was still green, but one night I had a visitor. A deer! I don't usually get them, but I've seen them just west of me. Honestly, I'm just as happy without them. But, one found me and ate the little green pumpkin, half of the leaves on my geranium, and some of my day lily leaves. Left calling cards all across my lawn as well. No manners at all. Later, something came along and finished off this little orange pumpkin too, so... no luck with pumpkins this year. It was a volunteer, too... I moved it to the garden.

So this week I paid little attention to my garden until I wanted some parsley. (Cue the melodramatic music... dun dun DUHhh.)  This is what I found...  if you look carefully you can count seven!

I knew I had to write something....

Party in the Parsley Pot

I hadn't planned to throw a party

But my guests were all dressed up

Striped green suits with yellow spots

Wee little spats on their feet

And when I tried to say hello

Orange feathers rose from their heads

So... for now... 'til I lose patience

There's a party in the parsley pot

                © Karen Eastlund

Have a good week and remember... it's Poetry Friday. Bridget is hosting today at Wee Words for Wee Ones.  Find more poetry fun there.  


  1. What a wonderful garden surprise, Karen. So funny to think of these partygoers all dressed up and dining on your parsley. Will these turn into butterflies?

  2. You've had quite the parade of visitors to your garden, Karen! The parsley party goers are the only critters able to party during this pandemic. Love the alliteration in your poem, too: "My parsley pot is their parlor" :)

  3. Wow -- such excitement in your garden! Very hungry caterpillars . . . :)

  4. Love the wit and humor, the bounce and alliteration in your verse, Karen. I can just see those warning "orange feathers" rising - and oh my gosh, there's a lot of them! Your photos are all so beautiful - the garden clearly still beckons...

  5. Oh my, there is certainly a feast there, Karen. I had a pumpkin taken by squirrels one year. I had been waiting, waiting for just the right time to pick, &, like yours, gone! Your poem is a fun lament, another song for fall, maybe?

  6. Love! The spats, the striped green suits!

  7. Love the photo and poem of the party in the parsley. So sad to see the parsley gone, but at least they left inspiration for a fun poem :)

  8. Karen, I love this! "A party in the parsley pot"is such a great line!

  9. Oh, I love the parsley party. What a fun, whimsical poem. I also enjoyed your ruminations on your garden joys and woes. My zinnias have been inspired by the fall weather to outdo themselves and every time I see them blooming their hearts out, I can't help but smile!

  10. Oh my! This is so fun. I love parsley party and wee little spats! My zinnias were very late too. I have three pumpkins then I'm putting it all to bed. : )

  11. Karen, I enjoyed your story, the photos, the sweet little pumpkin, and then, a parsley party. I love this post, Karen. Your garden is so beautiful that the caterpillars chose it for their fun spot. Party on!

  12. Talk about turning your frustrations into fun! So clever (you, not them!).

  13. What a thoughtful host you are!
    I have a hickory tussock caterpillar eating a plant next to my front door. I am making sure I avoid touching it!