Thursday, October 22, 2020

Autumn Haikus and an Anniversary...

 Had a lovely drive along the Black River last week, enjoying the glories of autumn. Colors are just peaking here, but the beauty of the river and the beginning of color filled my happy basket. 

Though snaky limbs hold

sway - no saving stubborn leaves

 from fateful free fall

© Karen Eastlund

Serenity flows

Burbling a bewitching song

Never looking back

© Karen Eastlund

Celebrating our 49th anniversary today...

the adventure continues! 


Don't miss my recent post about my Grandpa Otto's Restaurant,

you can find it here.

It's Poetry Friday again. I can hardly believe it... can barely keep up!

Thanks to Jama for hosting today. Join the gang for an autumn poem 

and scrumptious photos... as always.  Click here.


  1. Wow! Happy 49th! What an accomplishment. I love the celebration of nature in both your poems. Filling "a happy basket" for sure. :)

  2. Happy 49th anniversary-Almost the silver. Your autumn journey brings me peace, Karen. Would you like to send me your Serenity poem and image for my Abundant Autumn Gallery? It will bring a touch of autumn peace to all those who see it.

  3. Happy Anniversary!! Thanks for sharing all the lovely photos. Your autumn haiku are so peaceful and calming.

  4. Oh wonderful haiku for autumn and the beauty of the scenes we are gifted. Happy Anniversary. There is so much strength in trees and relationships that last and flourish. You make me hear the Black River's "burbling bewitching song"!
    Janet Clare F.
    PS Happy to have time this Fri. to visit so many blogs!

  5. Love the imagery of the "snaky limbs." Happy Anniversary!

  6. The pictures are lovely, Karen. I too love those 'snaky limbs' and that "burbling". Happy Anniversary! Starting a BIG year!

  7. Happy anniversary! Your photos and poems helped fill my happy basket, too!

  8. Happy Anniversary! Beautiful photos.
    I'm interested in serenity never looking back. Onward!

  9. Happy anniversary! Your poems are lovely, Karen. So peaceful!

  10. Happy anniversary! What a wonderful celebration for photos and words that compliment each other. I wish you both every happiness.

  11. Congratulations on your Anniversary! What a lovely celebration!

  12. Congrats on 49 years. Wonderful. I love the photo of the tree and the haiku, the snaky limb.

  13. May your happy baskets (LOVE that!) continue to fill for many more years together!

    I love the way you used "hold sway" -- perfect!