Friday, June 14, 2024

A long-eared frustration...

 Rabbits and gardens. You know how it is. So I wrote a limerick...

Call Me McGregor

The rabbits have hijacked my garden

If I shoo them, they're loath to comply

Should I shout, clap or stomp

They just stare, nonchalant

There'll be young ones, of course. Heave a sigh.

© Karen Eastlund

Yes, it is Poetry Friday.  Thanks to Denise Krebs for hosting. You can find her post, in which she shares a most interesting poetry form, at     Others in the Poetry Friday community will be linked there also.  You are cordially invited!


  1. I love this. I love to watch bunnies unless the are munching on my flowers!

  2. Oh, my goodness, Karen! Dastardly, but darling little critters have hijacked your garden. It is hard to be too Mr. McGregor when they are so darn cute. Good luck!

  3. Aw, terrific & so apropos, Karen! The bunnies don't eat my flowers but several have eaten my car's wires through the years - ugh! They are cute, however, and so "nonchalant", perfect word!

  4. lol-- My dear friends are staying at our desert home this summer while their home is under remodel. She sent me a snapshot of a few bunnies who have taken up residence now that our dog has left the state! Love the limerick --bunny eyerolls!

  5. Everything is cute - until they munch the garden! But poetry - that's the perfect solution!

  6. Karen, baby bunnies are so cute. Adding a poem to celebrate is ideal. My husband said that we have a couple walking around my patio but I have not seen them. Thank you for sharing your curious little ones and your fun poem that many of us in my Va community would enjoy reading.

  7. Haha! So great! We don't have rabbits at the house we live at now because we have so many foxes in the neighborhood. We had them at our old house though.

  8. Perfect poem for these nonchalant invaders of our gardens, thanks for the smiles, and so much truth. I garden too and have so much wire screening everywhere… They need a predator as Marcie mentions above.

  9. Love the voice and rhythm. So charming! (The poem, not the bunnies, haha)

  10. Ha! We have rabbits galore around here, and many have found our garden. :) Such a cute limerick, Karen!

  11. Very timely limerick, Karen! These adorable little critters are definitely loath to comply. One summer I planted a 'bunny patch' but to my dismay, it was not enough . . . they still leapt over my one-foot mesh barrier with ease, nonchalantly munching my lettuces and chard even as I watched and snapped caught-in-the-act photos, I have penned many poems about my cottontails' adventures.
    This summer I also have a brazen chipmunk that scurries onto my deck at will, jumps into my pots disturbing the plants, leaving a trail of earth behind. No amount of scolding seems to affect it at all! But it too is so adorable.
    Thank you, Karen!