Thursday, June 3, 2021

Good Gifts and Curveballs

Mid-year update: Life offers some amazing good gifts along with a few curveballs.

Two deer jumped over a neighbor's fence and walked between my house and Peter's house. In his front yard they stopped to look around, and I imagined them thinking, "We must have taken a wrong turn somewhere."  I'm aware that deer have been in my yard, but this was the first time I'd seen them... graceful and effortless in their movements... poised... calm...

I've been reading Mary Oliver. Her poetry is amazingly honest and straightforward, and her thirst for God is a inspiration to me. Here are two quotes I've marked from More Beautiful Than the Honey Locust Tree Are the Words of the Lord:

It's close to hopeless
for what I want to say the red-bird
has said already, and better, in a thousand trees.
Part 6

Instead I prayed, oh Lord, let me be something useful and unpretentious.
Even the chimney swift sings.
Part 7
                                - Mary Oliver in Thirst

Time, energy and a pain in my back radiating down my arm have challenged me lately. Curveballs. I will see my doctor tomorrow, hoping for some relief.

Two beautiful grandkids are coming to spend the week. Here's a photo of them a few years back.  We will read and paint and play games and sew and cook together. I'm praying for a grand week.

Halloween 2015

A big event is coming up for us. This year will be our 50th wedding anniversary, and our two sons are treating us to a week with everyone together. We are so blessed. Plans are laid to go to a dude ranch and spa in Wyoming. No cooking or clean-up for a week! A beautiful lake to canoe on and enjoy, horses for the kids, lovely scenery. Good gifts. irises have bloomed profusely this year! 

Every good and perfect gift is from above.  James 1:17

My best wishes and prayers for you and yours. Thanks to Ruth who is hosting today's group at There is No Such Thing as a God-forsaken town. This week as thrown her some curveballs also, yet she flourishes.



  1. A wonderful gift! The grandkids look darling! So sorry about the back pain....hope it resolves. Carol Gee

  2. What a bouquet of blessings from Mary Oliver to a doctor's visit that should bring relief, grandkids and a golden anniversary. Wow! So many good things. Thank you for sharing them with us. I delight in them too!

  3. So many good and perfect gifts, Karen! Happy Golden Anniversary! The glory of the irises, reading Oliver - you have inspired me to revisit her on my first day of summer break so I can best savor her words again. And the deer - I've loved them all my life, so drawn by their unique beauty and grace (I understand how they are also nuisances, but...). I could see them so clearly there in your yard. Prayers are with you for relief from your doctors, and above all - enjoy those little swashbucklers! An adventure of joy awaits, for sure! Blessings to you all.

  4. Karen, happy anniversary. Enjoy those grandkids, we'll hope for updated pics from their visit. Hope your doctor visit provides balm and healing for your back issues. Absolutely love the pic of your irises. I loved having deer in my yard until they started eating my blooming flowers!

  5. Mary Oliver is a good gift. Prayers for your back issues. Radiating pain is not a good sign. I had surgery 25 years ago for a herniated disc. I hope that's not what it is. Enjoy your time with grands. My daughter is here with her 21 month old for a week. He's a delight!
    Happy Anniversary! Sounds like a fabulous trip is on the horizon.

  6. Happy 50Th. I remember your wedding so well. Your mom was the hostess with the Montessori. Have a wonderful time with your family. What a blessing.
    Have fun with your grandchildren. It is the best when you get to be with them. I love it.
    Praying that doctors can help you with your back pain.
    Miss you always and love you both.

  7. Thank you, Karen, for sharing these beautiful words and the precious picture of your grandchildren. Have a wonderful time with them! I pray you find relief from your pain, and a wish you and Chris a very Happy 50th! Prayers for a safe and relaxing trip to Wyoming. What a fantastic gift!!!