Wednesday, April 3, 2024

A Song of Everyday Miracles

Thanks to Bob Hamera for hosting this month.  You can read about two miracles in his life HERE. Look through his comment section to find links to others in this group. Bob provided our prompt this month, to write about everyday miracles.  

Do you experience miracles in your life? I find miracles through my life experiences, and also through the books that come my way. Frederick Buechner, Kathleen Norris, and Madeline L'Engle were authors who spoke to me in small miracles. Also Sigurd Olson. 

Right now, Jennifer Ackerman's What an Owl Knows is on my reading table. It isn't exactly spiritual, but it does celebrate the many aspects of owls. And owls are one of God's miracles.

We saw a little saw-whet owl sitting on a wire just outside our window in one of our earliest apartments in Minneapolis. It was a cute little thing, no bigger than a robin, and we got a very good look at it. It didn't mind being out during the daylight hours, sheltered as it was between our duplex and the hill full of trees just behind. How lucky to be visited by such a creature.

Thanks to Cornell Lab

Later, walking in her Minneapolis neighborhood with my sister Marion, an owl flew just over my head. To be honest, I missed this encounter altogether, but Marion exclaimed and ducked on my behalf. 

My most memorable owl sighting was in Omaha, visiting my niece Becky.

Just before dusk we began to hear an owl, so we walked into the wooded area to see if we could find it.  No more than twenty steps and there it was, perched on a low branch: a great horned owl! What a gorgeous creature. We stood and stared for a long time, and the owl stared back. After a while we went back in the house and then into the woods again, and the owl was still there. It seemed to be communicating with another owl a short distance away, which we couldn't find. We thought the adult might have been shadowing a fledgling to be sure it was safe.

Now Ackerman's book brings me back to this memory, and teaches me about owls. The vocalizations of owls, for one thing, are much more varied and interesting than I understood. Did you know that owls don't just hoot, they shriek, yap, chitter, squeal, squawk, warble and wail plaintively?  Among great horned owls, the hoot is distinct from one individual to another. The number of notes can differ, and the spacing between hoots can change from one great horned owl to another. Did you know a nesting great horned owl will produce a broken-wing display when threatened? Fascinating!

Check out this little video of owl calls:

Communing with nature centers me and brings me peace. Looking into the eyes of an owl is an exciting and extraordinary experience. And consider that there is always more to learn, and that we as humans hunger for learning. These to me are miraculous.  

I believe the world is full of more miracles than we can imagine. Today it may be owls, but who knows what it will be tomorrow? 

Perhaps the miracle of surprise.

Have a wonderful, miraculous month. The world is waking up. Don't miss it!  


  1. Karen, owls pay such an important part in native American tradition as well as in Greek mythology. I found this about owl sightings: The meaning of seeing an owl encourages a deeper connection to your inner self and an openness to the spiritual insights that may be present in your everyday experiences.
    Being out in nature, we are surrounded by so many miracles, animals, plants, skies unpolluted by man. May you continue to find miracles in the world around you. Bob

  2. Karen, thank you for wishing each one of us a wonderful, miraculous month. I agree with your statemend, "Communing with nature centers me and brings me peace." I feel the peace of nature even when it rains. Yesterday was a prime example. We scheduled a lunch cruise in Washington, DC's Tidal Basin yesterdy. Our goal was to enjoy the cherry blossoms with community friends. It not only rained but poured but we did get to see a few blossoms and the boat ride was relaxing. There was wonder and peace. We all had positive feelings even with the downpour. Nature's presence always sends signs of miracles. Have a happy day. There is no rain today so that makes the day special as we make bouquets to bring to hospice patients.

  3. I agree, nature holds so many precious miracles. I'm glad you wrote about owls. Reading your memories, brought back a memory I had forgotten. When I was young, there was an owl in a tree outside our kitchen window. I remember being mesmerized, and my mom pointing out what a special gift it was to be so near an owl.

  4. I rarely get to see owls - occasionally on a cactus or rooftop - but not upclose. My one encounter was HEARING the thunderous flap of wings as one sailed just over my head as I opened a balcony door. And that sound has remained with me - perhaps a sound-miracle? It sits deep in my chest and sets me in a state of awe whenever I recall it. Beautiful, Karin!

  5. Such a great post! Thank you! Ruth,