Thursday, April 21, 2022

Depending on Ditties... and an Alaskan memory

 Our renovation projects are underway! Hooray! It's a happy Poetry Friday at our house.

Thanks to Michelle Heidenrich Barnes for encouraging me to use ditties to get me through this planned time of upheaval. Her comment helped me remember this ditty which I wrote after a trip to Alaska.

We were on Glacier Bay when the seagulls found us. This photo shows the approach of one gutsy scavenger. I wish I could have snapped another photo during the getaway, but the bird was fast, and I may have been laughing!

The Heist

Gray wings swoop

Yellow eyes snoop

Orange bill scoops

Golden brown cookie

Who's the loser?

© Karen Eastlund

Sunset on the last night on our ship... great memories!

Today is another Poetry Friday gathering. You can learn about Poetry Friday at this link:

Thanks to Margaret Simon for hosting today at Reflections on the Teche. 
She shares the 2022 Progressive Poem.


  1. Karen, seagulls are sneaky devils that will stop at nothing for a good treat. Your little ditty explains that thought well. I am glad that you laughed. In all my years at the beach, we never had time to laugh, just hide our food and screech when an aggressive seagull came near. Congrats on starting your renovation. Best of luck.

  2. Oh, that sunset! What a fun ditty! A gull swooped down and stole the piece of pizza off my paper plate when Randy and I were at Busch Gardens on our honeymoon weekend. Scoundrels!

  3. Awesome photo and fun poem! And what a beautiful sunset!

  4. Perfect poem for the photo. I think the owner of the cookie was the looser, don't you?

  5. I love it! Yes, little ditties to the rescue for the WIN!

  6. So brazen! What a great photo prompt, too! I love the tension as you played with "closer"

  7. Beautiful 'ditty', Karen. I was at Nasa with students eating lunch when a gull also swooped in & grabbed a sandwich aiming for a student's mouth. Quite an adventure for us! I love your pictures & reading about your trip.

  8. Yay! I am showering you with ditty-love, Karen! What a great poem to remember a fun moment and an amazing trip! We were in Savannah a couple summers ago, eating sandwiches on a park bench, when a sneaky squirrel came up behind my daughter and started to step on her shoulder to steal her sandwich from behind!

  9. Your poem and picture captured the 'birdlar', Karen. On 'closer' inspection...hilarious! :)

  10. Fun poem, wonderful pic, and sounds like a wonderful adventure you had, thanks Karen!