Thursday, March 24, 2022

Welcoming Spring

I have two spring poems for you this week.

It occurred to me to share my winning limerick from March/April 2017 Saturday Evening Post limerick contest. Submitted limericks must respond to a provided visual from the Saturday Evening Post front page archives. The image for this particular contest was from the March 7th, 1925 edition of the magazine, provided by Paul Stahr, entitled "Kissing Winter Goodbye." It made a great prompt.  My limerick is as follows:

A nymph in the first blush of spring
Spied a snowman and fancied a fling
But her kiss was his last
He was melting, and fast
While pondering love and its sting.

If you like writing limericks to a visual prompt, I recommend this contest. Learn more at this link:

The second poem was also written to a visual prompt.  Below is a beautiful flower called bloodwort, a member of the poppy family with a bright red root. More about lovely bloodworts here.  Laura Shovan provided the photo for Margaret Simon's weekly challenge "This Photo Wants to Be a Poem," and it prompted me to write the following:

A dainty face peeks
beneath a bleached linen cap
angel feather gown

© Karen Eastlund

I hope you've enjoyed these nods to spring. Aren't we glad it's here?  

Thanks to the amazing Amy Ludwig VanDerwater for hosting today. She is writing poems based on proverbs.  Maybe you want to try that also! Find her post and links to all the participants at The Poem Farm  Have fun writing, and have a good week.


  1. Your limerick made me laugh! Poor poor snowman. But as they say, "Better to have loved and lost than never loved at all..." I wonder if he would agree. And an "angel feather gown" - yes, yes. I cannot wait for those in the garden all around. Happy Poetry Friday! xo

  2. Love your limerick... and will add a visual prompt to our Nevermores poetry sandbox! Thank you!

  3. Your SEP limerick is so cool (you deserved to win!). Poor snowman, though. I love the dainty face and angel feather gown too . . . Thanks for these lovely and uplifting spring-y poems. :)

  4. Congratulations! I love the limerick--haha. And that second one--those last six words are like a feast. All so concrete and visual/textural. It's a buffet of beauty.

  5. That is a perfect limerick, Karen, love the ill-fated romance, & then for the flower pic, really all, but "angel feather gown" is so good. Petals like that feel so very soft. Thanks , too for the tip.

  6. I love limericks. They are so fun. I also love the line "bleached linen cap."

  7. Your limerick DOES go perfectly with the SEP cover image! Well done and congrats! Love your bloodwort poem, too!

  8. What a marvelous, witty limerick! Thanks for pointing us back there. Roll on spring!

  9. I’d like an angel feather gown!🥰

  10. What a delightful limerick - a fun, unexpected perspective on spring! Thanks for sharing your poems with us.