Thursday, February 10, 2022

Some winter cheer...

Thanks to Linda for hosting the Friday Poetry Friday gathering today. You can see her heart collection and poetry, and follow links to other bloggers at TeacherDance. Thanks for hosting, Linda, and Happy Valentine's Day to you. 

Have you noticed how fast time slips by?  How crazy that it's almost Valentine's Day.  Here are a couple of heartwarming images...

My sweet granddaughter...

New Snow

I love it
So white and glittery
And it crunches
Under my boots
I made this snow girl 
She wanted a pink hat
And I made her a heart
We both smiled

© Karen Eastlund

Best wishes to all for a lovely week.

A heart collage in the spirit of the month...


  1. I love this sweet Valentine post, Karen.Your granddaughter is adorable and so is the snow girl. The poem is a good tribute to a wonderful snow day. Is this the image poem you would like me to add to my Winter's Embrace Gallery?

  2. Karen, what a fabulously sweet poem, granddaughter, and snow girl, I'm swooning over all. And I love your heart too–the dilly dallying and lollygagging, curiouser & curiouser and all–Fantastic!!! Happy Valentines Day!💗

  3. It's full of love, Karen, your granddaughter's heart on her snowgirl and that gorgeous heart collage and the Taupin quote! It's like a hug today! Thank you!

  4. Love your sweet Valentines, Karen. Your granddaughter and snowgirl are adorable!! The collage is gorgeous too (love me some Bernie Taupin)!!

  5. oooooh! You know I love a collage...especially one with bread making. Yum! Your grandaughter making a heart for her snow girl is just the sweetest. You are a lucky grandma!

  6. Fleeting time captured in the joy of a girl and her snow friend! And now a poem to memorialize the moment. Thank you, Karen!

  7. Karen, your granddaughter is adorable. They grow up so fast, don't they?
    Happy Valentine's Day!

  8. Snow darn cute, Karen! Happy <3 Day to you and yours!

  9. A lovely poem that lets us see a snowy day through child-like eyes. Thanks for sharing!

  10. Karen,
    I used to love to do collage when I was younger. The more I am seeing it around PF with so many friends, the more I want to give it another try. Must gather my supplies. Jone MacCulloch's posts have inspired me among others. Your college today is truly a wonderful compilation. Did it take you a long time? I made a Canva card with my poem for Molly Hogan's snowgirl photo from a couple of week's ago on Reflections on the Teche. I love yours. I like the purple letters, the hat and the heart. Not to mention your grandgirl. Janet Clare F.