Thursday, April 22, 2021


 I wrote this poem some time ago to a word prompt from David L. Harrison's blog.  I hope you enjoy it...




A speck

A hope  

A spark of fire  

A seed  

An inkling of desire 

A thought  

An effort  

A ray of light  

A drop of ink  

On a sea of white


© Karen Eastlund

Image by Kranich17 at

It's Poetry Friday as well as National Poetry Month, so don't miss the round-up today at Reading to the Core.


  1. Oh, look at the smile on that grown-ups face over the joy of holding that special baby. My goodness, hope seeds abound. I love it.

  2. This is really lovely, Karen, and "with" those wonderful pics, too!

  3. Your poem is perfection -- love the images too!

  4. I love the look and rhythm of your poem and I too love the photo of the baby and that there is so much love in it.

  5. Gorgeous all around, Karen! "A drop of ink / On a sea of white" - love the possibility of this beginning. :)

  6. I'm so sorry it took me more than a week to get here, Karen, but it was definitely worth it! What a gorgeous poem and photos to match! Thank you for sharing.