Friday, November 13, 2020

November thoughts

It's Friday and time for a poetry break. Find the round-up of today's poems at Robyn Hood Black's blog, Life on the Deckle Edge.  You will find a plethora of poetic ideas there.

The week started very warm, then rain and now a cool brisk breeze. On Tuesday my hubby and I headed to Hacklebarney State Park, one of our favorites places.

The freshwater Black River briskly cuts its way through rocky Hacklebarney State Park, cascading around boulders in the hemlock-lined ravine. Two tributaries, Rinehart and Trout Brooks, also course their way through this glacial valley, feeding the Black River. Even in the heat of midsummer, the temperature of Black River gorge is cool and refreshing.    

Vibrant red and gold near the river.

Those of you who have been there know about the huge rock outcroppings, paths winding through fields of rocks, and a stream running through a valley of boulders, finally ending at the Black River. 

Steep stone steps
Littered with leaves--
Blond, mustard, saffron, gold--
Shards of summer sun.

© Karen Eastlund

Freerange Stock Photo: Hacklebarney

The way was rocky...
  Have a good week, everyone...


  1. Love the different shades of yellow gold in your poem, Karen. Thanks for these gorgeous fall photos.

  2. The yellows have been stunning here this year. Your photos capture them beautifully and I love the final line of your poem "shards of summer sun." Perfect!

  3. What a delightful trip to this blog post. Oh, yes....those yellows! I was thinking I wanted to write a yellow poem the other day when I was walking under yellow leafed trees and felt like I was in a ballroom. I never got to it. But, you have! Beautiful

  4. Ooh..."shards of summer sun" PERFECT!!

  5. I love every bit, Karen, the name - Hacklebarney, & your creative naming of the leaves' colors. What a wonderful thing autumn is! Thanks for the beautiful pics & the poem of celebration! Those stone steps are awesome!

  6. So beautiful, all, Karen - thank you for this yellowy-wonderful visit!

  7. I, too, echo the praises of the lovely line "Shards of summer sun", Karen. Thanks for taking us with you on your adventure. :)

  8. Thank you for the autumn escapade, Karen. It sounds like you were on an "awe walk", a concept that I have been exploring in my outings and writing. The word shards and the thought...of summer sun is a beautiful image.

  9. Karen, I love all of this but especially love the line, "shards of summer sun." Lovely! Gorgeous photos, too. Thank you! :)