Thursday, September 17, 2020

Morning Kitchen

 It's Friday, time for a little poetry. The poem below is all about sound. And coffee.  Do they go together? Of course!  

Favorite mug waits for that first cup of coffee

Morning Kitchen

Slippers shuffle on the hard surface
Like brooms whisking away the last wisps of sleep

Water whooshes on and off
Last drips plink, plink, plink in the sink

Coffee beans shudder into the hopper

Water splashed, lid stumbles into place
Firm SNAP of switch

Gurgle gurgle hiss... gurgle gurgle hiss... gurgle...
Drip, drip, drip

Slippers shuffle in anticipation
At last, the splish splash of coffee

Sip... hot, hot, hot! Wheeze into steaming mug
Chair creaks...I slurp... gulp...Aaaaaahhhh!

Slippers tap, tap, tapping
Coaxing rhythm into my day

© Karen Eastlund

It's Poetry Friday, so join the fun! Matt Forest Esenwine is hosting today at his blog, Radio, Rhythm & Rhyme. I'll look for you there!


  1. I'm not one to love a lot of sound in the morning...but kitchen sounds are something else entirely. ;) I can see myself in your poem!

  2. So fun! I try to wait until all those noises have happened, and I can come downstairs to a waiting cup.

  3. I love all the sounds and the soothing atmosphere. It's a nice place to slip into. :)

  4. Except for the beans, that's my AM, too! Love your sounds & that ending, perfect!

  5. I like all these peaceful, comforting sounds.

  6. You have created a contextualized aural soundscape for your readers to lend an ear to Karen. I enjoyed what you did here. Bang on!

  7. Oh, my goodness...what an experience to read this as I sip my early morning coffee. I love the slippers whisking and shuffling...the water plink, plink, plinking in the sink and the gurgle sounds of the coffee pot. Such a sensory poem! Love it.

  8. Swoon..the verbs in this...I love so much

  9. Love the alliteration and sound effects gurgling in your kitchen, Karen.