Friday, April 24, 2020

What I've been doing...

I had a nice chat with a friend last night, comparing notes on what we've been doing during this time of "sheltering."  Several people have told me that they are enjoying this time. Are you? I can't say that I looove it, as one son did, but I am pleased to have dedicated time for working on this quilt. What do you think?

These many triangles have challenged me, so I'm happy to have the triangle portions done. I have another step or two and then I'll find a long-arm quilting service to do the actually quilting.

Yesterday I had another nice surprise; my cousin Jacque sent me another photo of my Grandma Grace Masters Pierce. This one is a professional photo taken of Grace and her Masters siblings.  I am SO delighted to receive it! A huge thanks to Jacque, who also provided this information:

These are all the children of Grandma Pierce's parents, Henry and Margaret Masters. From left to right in back - Guy and Frank Masters
Middle row - Jennie, Addie, Grandma
Front - Iva

I feel like I can sense their personalities from this picture. The shy one, the romantic one, the one who organizes everything... and don't you love Frank's mustache? And the clothes?

This poem by Luci Shaw spoke to me this week, taking a look at small blessings. So important...

by Luci Shaw

In time of drought, let us be
thankful for this very gentle rain,

a gift not to be disdained

though it is little and brief,

find the rest of the poem as well as more about Luci here.

April is Poetry Month, and every Friday is Poetry Friday, so come on over to Christie Wyman's blog,
Wondering and Wandering to see all the poetry activities she's been involved in. Mind boggling!

Take care out there...


  1. Karen, I love old family photos too! You sure can see personality...and what a tribute, the beautiful quilt is to this time. You've worked on something beautiful in the yucky times.

  2. Your quilt is beautiful, and yes, those triangles are tricky! I am a former quilter and have to say that I have considered pulling out an unfinished project during this time. I miss creating with fabric. I am now off to read the rest of Luci's poem.

  3. Beautiful post Karen, I love the quilt, and the last line of Lucy's poem, "A word that opens
    an unfinished poem like a key in a lock." Fun old photo too. What I'd really like to know is the name of those lovely flowers, I think I've planted them before but don't remember their name… Thanks!

    1. Hi Michelle: I believe those are pasque flowers. I photographed them at a county park some years ago, and I think they are so named because they bloom around Easter.

  4. An all-around beautiful post. Thanks, Karen!

  5. I have a star quilt like your pattern made by an aunt, Karen. It's beautiful! And I love those old photos, have some, too. Although often so somber, one can see the faces so clearly. I adore the poem and copied it into a favorite poem document. I shared a post that's longer & with a similar sentiment the other day on FB. It's all about perspective, isn't it? Thank you!

  6. Your quilt is beautiful! I am mostly loving the "sheltering" because of the company I am keeping (hubby and daughter), but not the reason for it. I love the family picture - isn't it interesting that wide mouth, teeth baring smiles were not the norm? And thank you for sharing Shaw's "Sign" poem. :)

  7. Karen, it takes a lot of work and talent to make a quilt. Yours is beautiful! Years ago, I made a quilted star pillow. It was a challenge so I can only imagine the time you've put into this one, but it will be a cherished family heirloom when you are finished!

  8. Your quilt is beautiful. So interesting that you'll have such a treasure forever entwined with memories of these trying times. I love the Lucy Shaw poem from start to finish. Thank you for introducing me to her.

  9. Your quilt is beautiful! That Lucy Shaw poem is spot on. I am filling my time with baking lots of bread, and focusing on small things to be grateful for is helping me through these days.