Friday, April 17, 2020

A Memory and a Recipe

Some things never leave us. For some reason I've had a song from long ago in my head.  Here are the words as I remember them:

Fried ham, fried ham
Cheese and baloney
And after the macaroni
We'll have onions
Pickles and pretzels
And then we'll have some more
Fried ham!  

Where did it come from?  Anyone know?  Was it a camp song?  Was it on the radio? Was it part of the musical Oliver? I don't know. But it keeps popping up in my head lately, and I think I know why.

We're cooking every meal at home, right?  And we're looking for easy meals. After a while, the simplest option is the best.  So... here's our brunch today:

Looks good to me, how about you?

So I thought I would share a very simple yet yummy idea for a meal, in case you are running out of ideas.

#1 - Some day ahead of time, bake a bunch of potatoes. Bake more than you will need for your immediate meal, and save some in the fridge.

#2 - Dice some onion and green pepper and saute them a little while (1 min?) in a pan with oil.

#3 - Cut up a baked potato or two (peeling is optional) and add to the pan with onions & peppers.

#4 - Dice some fully cooked ham and add to the pan. Stir and cook until hot. 

#5 - Eat and enjoy!

That is it, ladies and gentlemen!  I commend this meal to you as nutritious, simple and delicious.

This song is all the poetry I can come up with under the circumstances... the circumstances being that my hubby's computer is going on the fritz, he hasn't fully decided on a new one yet, so we're sharing. Heh heh. More togetherness fun. 

All that aside, it is Poetry Friday.  Find the round-up at Molly Hogan's Nix the Comfort Zone. She has a post that will make your mouth water and bring a smile to boot.  Thanks for hosting, Molly.


  1. The photo makes me HUNGRY - ! I am not familiar with the song but it does sound like it came from camp. I think this is exactly the lighthearted touch we need today (plus a way to keep from being bored with our usual dining fare!).

    - Fran Haley,

  2. Yes, the simplest is often the best. Now I'm craving fried ham -- your brunch looks delicious!

  3. ha! I literally just sang this song last night and my 17 y.o. thought I was CRAZY! I learned the song from camp. It was a camp fav every year. And, the poetry of making good, home-cooked comfort food is truly beautiful. Thank you for the song, the recipe and the feeling of normal!

  4. That song is new for me. Isn't it funny how it just popped into your head? And even odder/funnier that Linda was singing it just last night! Wouldn't a string of remembered childhood songs by fun to share? Maybe even using them as inspiration to write our own versions? Hmmmm.....

  5. I don't know the song, either, Karen, but must be a camp song. It's got that rhythm1 As for cooking, I am relatively lazy & fix something & then eat it for several days. I've had most pleasure in fixing deviled eggs which last a while! Happy cooking & poetry! Hope you get that laptop back soon!

  6. We at that when I was a kid!!! We called it Ham Hash! We never had turkey at holiday meals (Dad didn't like it). We always had ham. And there were always leftovers!

  7. This made me hungry for sure! The song sounds familiar, maybe I heard it in camp, too.
    The Oliver song you are thinking of is "Food, Glorious Food"(Hot sausage and mustard!/While we're in the mood/Cold jelly and custard!)

    1. Oh... the Oliver song... yes! I know that one also. Got them mixed up... thanks.

  8. Thanks for the recipe! I have all of those ingredients on hand, so it will be on the menu one day this week. I have no idea where your song comes from-it is new to me.