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Grandma's picture! Plus April, 1928

Thanks to my cousin Jacquelyn for this picture:  My grandma, Grace Masters Pierce.  Ta da!!!

April 1 – Sun
Very nice warm day. We had company from morning till night. Jim & Ida came first and then Raymonds came & Frank & Florence & Merle & Elsie & Deane & Maynard Underbakke & Cecil & Agnes and then Mrs. Blaess. Luella came over in morning & helped do up the work. Doris & Emil & kids came about 4 & Marion had changed so I would hardly know her.

April 2 – Mon
Very warm & such a wind. Luella came over & helped in morning. Doris & Emil went to Harmony in morning & in afternoon they went over to Allie Wards.  They took Margarette with them. Myrtle Manning was here in afternoon. I did a big washing & mopped.

April 3 – Tues
Warm again. Luella was here while Raymond went to Canton & he then went to Decorah & got their chickens – 30. Emil went over after Gladys Bryant to help for a week. In afternoon Doris & Emil went to Decorah & left the kids here. Emil went to Spring Grove after supper.

April 4 – Wed.
Very windy day. Gladys washed. Glen & Mr. & Mrs. Price were here in forenoon. Emil came about 3-30 & they took Margarette over to Allie Wards & when they came back they went over to Luella’s to supper & I went with them. It looked so rainy we came home early, but didn’t rain after all. The baby was a little fussy until 12 o-clock. This is LuVerne’s birthday, he is 10 years old. Elmer started seeding.

April 5 – Thurs.
Another windy day & colder. It rained some in the night. Doris & Emil went to Harmony in forenoon & she had a tooth pulled. I kept Margarette & Marion here & they were very good. They got ice & I made ice cream. Emil went to Harmony again in afternoon & then to Spring Grove. In eve Raymonds came over. Baby was very good tonight. It started to rain in night & rained all night.

April 6 – Fri.
Very rainy and nasty all day. Doris covered the baby basket & I washed & dressed all the kids. They were very good all day. Emil & Burnell came about 3-30 & Doris went over to Allies to try on her dresses. They were here to supper & then started to Spring Grove. Gee but I hate to see them go but it will only be two months before they are through up there.

April 7 – Sat.
Very stormy & ground is covered with snow. Elmer went to Prosper after coal. I washed out some things for baby, she is very good. Raymond came over after chick feed. Doris called me from Spring Grove & said they would not go until tomorrow. We all went to bed early tonight.

April 8 – Sun.  Easter
Nice & bright but very snowy. Elmer was to take Gladys home but the roads were too bad. He got hungry for ice cream so we made some in afternoon. About 6-30 Doris, Emil & kids came. They had started for Isle about 9 o-clock & couldn’t get through the snow banks so came back. I was so glad to see them again for it had been so lonesome all day without little Margarette.

April 9 – Mon.
Sun shone bright but was quite cold. Emil went to Spring Grove early. We did a big washing & Elmer took Gladys home about 11. Violet Louis & three kids were here a while. Luella & Roger walked over & got her at 11:15 & walked back home about 5.  Emil came after Doris & kids about 5-30 so they had to go again. They were to start early tomorrow morning & his father is going with them. Marilyn was quite fussy until after ten tonight.

April 10 – Tues.
Bright & nice but such a strong south wind. I ironed & washed out baby’s clothes. Elmer took 24 doz eggs to town & went down to Elsie’s & got eggs to set in incubator. Baby was quite restless most all night.

April 11 – Wed.
Colder & cloudy & turned to rain toward night but only rained a little. Elmer took the old male hog & a calf to Prosper, he sold them to Lloyd Knowlton for $45.20. Vernie Manning went with him. They brought back some coal. I washed out baby’s clothes same as I do every day, LuVerne came up & stayed to Raymond’s in afternoon & brought wood back.

April 12 – Thurs.
Very nice bright day. I washed & mopped & ironed. LuVerne stayed here again tonight & he and Elmer went to Canton in eve. They brought home ice cream.

April 13 – Fri.
Cloudy & colder & snowed a little in morning. Anita went to Canton & got her hair cut. It started to snow about 2 & kept it up all night & looks like Jan.

April 14 – Sat.
A horrid day, a worse blizzard than a week ago. There are big drifts everywhere. Elmer rode a horse over to Raymonds & went to B.O. with him. LuVerne rode his pony over with Elmer & stayed here all night. The mail man came but had a hard time to get through the drifts. The baby was so restless we had to give her the bottle twice today. I got a letter from Doris & they got home all right.

April 15 – Sun.
Very nice in morning & until 5 in eve when it started to snow for a change & was a regular blizzard. We went over to Raymonds for dinner & I ate so much I couldn’t eat any supper. We went in a lumber wagon & took a chair out to get in. This is Marilyn’s first trip & she was good. Anita & baby slept upstairs for the first time.

April 16 – Mon.
Everything is covered with snow but it is very warm. We washed & had a big one. Anita got a pretty hood & little skirt in mail for Marilyn, from Laurence & family. Elmer went to Burr Oak in afternoon & took 24 doz eggs.

April 17 – Tues.
A nice day but windy. The mail man’s team ran away & spilled him out & went down by the corner south of Louie’s & he caught them. Elmer went to Prosper in afternoon & when he got home had to take Myrtle Manning home & route the burglars, but it turned out there wasn’t any.

April 18 – Wed.
Rainy from noon on. Three truck load of hogs got stuck & had to drive the hogs up here from the corner & get them in the hog house to load them again. The wind blows so hard & it is as cold as winter. The baby has been very fussy today & one of us has held her most all day.

April 19 – Thurs.
Very cold wind this morning. The baby was very fussy so we called Fred Glise and had him send some Castoria over in the mail. She slept very good in afternoon but had a colicky spell in evening. Harold Reed brought the feed just after dark. Elmer was to B.O. in afternoon, took 12 doz eggs over & I sent the braid for Margarette’s coat.

April 20 – Fri.
Froze quite hard in morning but was nice & sunny. LuVerne rode his pony to school and stayed here all night while his folks went to the dance. They had a hot time at the dance & some of the women were drunk. The baby cried with colic until nine

April 21 – Sat.
Very nice day. LuVerne went home quite early & brought Margarette’s coat part way & I went and met him and got it. We told Guys to let us know when the mail went by & they didn’t so we didn’t get to send the letter or package & Violet was to let us know so we could send it with the Canton man & she didn’t see him so Louise took them to Canton at night. Violet, Opal & twins & Louise Krumm came up & were here until after 11. I raked nearly all the front lawn in afternoon. Elmer went to B.O. in eve.

April 22 – Sun.
A beautiful day, the nicest we have had yet. I am so lame from raking yesterday that I can hardly move. We were home all day & just layed around and slept. In eve Anita, Elmer & Marilyn went over to Raymonds after something. Raymond got to Harmony for Elmer & there was a big mud hole on the flat so they didn’t drive through. Elmer walked up after it.

April 23 – Mon.
Nice in the morning but turned very cold. We washed & did all the ironing. In afternoon it got very cold.

April 24 – Tues.
Cold as in the middle of the winter & a few snow flakes fell. I baked a pie & fried cakes & sewed on quilt in afternoon. Luella & Roger started over and got stuck so went back. In eve Elmer & I went to a play given by the Hesper people. “Mrs. Briggs of the poultry yard.”  Anita & Marilyn stayed home.

April 25 – Wed.
Cold in morning. Very nice day. We washed baby clothes & did housework & in afternoon Luella & Roger came over. Anita went part way after them & took them part way home. Mrs. Leistikow & Helen were here until nearly five Elmer went to B.O. & to Arthur Smiths in eve.

April 26 - Thurs.
Another nice day but cold in morning. Anita took some comforters over to Luella to have washed as Hughie was to demonstrate with the Maytag but they couldn’t wash them in it so we went after them about 4. Myrtle Manning was here in afternoon.

April 27 – Fri.
Very nice but quite cool in morning. I sewed on Anita’s dress all forenoon & we didn’t do much house work. After noon Anita & Elmer went to Decorah & I kept the baby. Mark & Jen were here. In eve Elmer & I went to play at Burr Oak given by Canton Folks “All on account of Polly.” It was very good.

April 28 – Sat.
Nice today & we did almost everything… washed, ironed, took off storm windows & washed windows. I bake a cake & picked & dressed a chicken. Marilyn was very fussy all day & one of us held her most of the day. Elmer went to B.O. in eve, Raymond went with him. We went to bed early, tired out.

April 29 – Sun.
Showery by spells & the wind blew terribly toward night. I made two cherry pies. We had company Stevie, Ethel, Alva & Raymonds family. We were tired tonight & went to bed early.

April 30 – Mon.
Oh such a wind – I never saw it worse but we washed & dried clothes all day. The wind nearly whipped them to pieces. Anita & I drove over to Luella’s to get Elmers shoes that they brought from Decorah. In eve Anita & Elmer went to Canton to the play “All on Account of Polly.” I kept the baby & she never woke up at all. Harry Harvey’s barn, corn crib & milk-house burned today.

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