Wednesday, February 1, 2023

A Color so Splendid

 "Blue... blue was a color so splendid..." - Joe Newberry

Our host this month, Robert Hamera, asks us to consider the colors we project to others, or the colors that act as guiding lights to us.  Look for Robert's post and links to others in the Spiritual Journey group HERE.

I taught preschool for a number of years, and I loved the preschool classroom. It was a wonderful learning experience for me, as well as a great joy and a deep responsibility. One of my most enduring realizations was that I was responsible for the tone of the classroom. I knew that children needed to feel safe so that they could take risks and learn, so I tried to provide a safe and calm learning space. And the color I most associate with calm is blue.

I am drawn to color, and greatly affected by it.  For me, blues are always at the top of the list.  I often wear blue, and blue is a theme in my home. I like to think of bluejeans... they're comfortable and go with everything, right?  That's what I want my home and my classroom to reflect. I want to do real work in these spaces, and I might get messy, so bluejeans will be perfect. 

I've been told that I project calm when working with children, and I hope I have also projected it in my home. And along with calm is also wonder and joy. Blues suggest all these qualities. 

Above: Starry Night quilt for my granddaughter Gracie

There's beauty in blue. Consider the sky, from morning to night. Where better to feel calm and wonder than gazing into the great beyond? I once saw such a gorgeous blue night sky that I could scarcely stop staring at it and pay attention to my walk home. I haven't been able to name that deep blue, but it captivated me and enveloped me, and I still think about it even though it must have been 30+ years ago.

I love the beauty and surprise of morning glories, the shock of deep blue lobelia (some volunteered in my garden this past summer!) and the chalky blue of globe thistles. I have relaxed in the deep blue of clear lakes and laughed at the twinkle in my father's blue eyes. I am thankful to live on a blue planet where even the ice and snow reflect blue.  

Blue may also suggest sadness. We all experience and express sadness, often with tears, words and music. Blue can be both calm and buoyant, a perfect hue to bear our emotions. Below is a blues song I enjoy, especially for its wordplay.  Joe Newberry wrote it, and he tells that the whole first line came to him while waiting in line at the post office. He wrote the words on the back of a Christmas card envelope, so someone didn't get a card from him that year.  He's accompanied by April Verch. Enjoy!

I agree with Joe's first line, but I have to change the tense of his verb. Blue IS a color "so splendid." 

Along with blue, if I look in my closet, I see red, red, red. My second favorite color. But that's a story for another day.

Thanks for hosting today, Robert, and for this interesting prompt!


  1. Blue is my favorite color. I have a blue topaz ring that I wear almost every day. And blue eyes? I have one daughter with blue eyes. We are so hoping that her new baby has them, too. Thanks for sharing your calm presence with blue.

  2. I love this reflection on blue, calm is so important for our young ones. The song is perfect and reminds us of the power of blue to reflect sadness, but I love the way blue is reflected in your home, your clothing, and even the twinkle in your father's blue eyes. And the pic of the water is so calming and peaceful.

  3. Karen, blue sounds like the right color for you. You surround yourself with it and it glows in your post. I especially like the quilt and like Ramona said the twinkle in your father's eyes. Blue is a calming color. Your granddaughter is lucky to have such a beautiful blue quilt and the world is lucky to share blue everywhere we look. Blue fills the world with joy so enjoy it and continue to bring joy to all you touch.

  4. Your blue makes me think of serenity, Karen - another word for calm. Which makes me think of the serenity prayer - and the acceptance, courage, and wisdom it asks for... those are gifts every classroom, every home, every heart needs. May blue continue to bring these gifts to you.