Friday, May 20, 2022

A Bit Crazy

 After 16 days of renovation followed by a weekend with the grandkids (and grand dog) it has been a bit crazy here, but all in a good day. We've had a few days to breathe before this weekend's town-wide yard sale, which I signed up for because we've emptied closets and revisited toys and books and done some weeding. Necessary weeding. Overdue weeding. You know the kind...

The unexpected splash of color with this dumpster supports the fight against breast cancer

Full house! A grand time of games, music, movies, hugs, cookies and pickle wraps!  

Kids love making cookies with Papa Chris... and yes, she is standing on a chair...

What will they remember?

Cookies, no doubt
Chile topped with sour cream
Pickle wraps
Hugging through the scary parts of Harry Potter movies
Grace before meals - who said thy instead of these?
Sleeping three or four in a small room
Night lights
Corn hole
Naming plants in the garden
Piano duets
Endless games of hand and foot
Last hugs on the driveway...

- beginnings of a list poem
by Grandma Karen

Time to prepare for the yard sale.  I wish you could drop by...

Carmela hosts this week's Poetry Friday Roundup... please visit her here to see all the wonderful things happening in the children's poetry community, you won't want to miss her dandelion poem. Thanks so much for hosting, Carmela...


  1. Karen, I love the beginning of your list poem. I am in a similar stage of cleaning out due to a pending move. We are planning a HUGE garage sale the first weekend in June. It sounds like you're having fun through it all though! Enjoy!

  2. Oh, Karen! Your poem reflects obvious delight in visit with "grands"! I enter that new territory this August and so look forward to these times!

  3. Thanks for letting peek in your kitchen. It is great that Grandpa bakes with his grandgirl. Now that is a wonderful memory. Your list poem could go on forever I am sure. I should sit down and ask the girls what they think they would remember from the 6 days they stayed with us last week (parents went on a needed vacation) but I do think about what it will be like for them when they are grown up. Will they tell stories of visiting grandma's house to others? Unfortunately, they have COVID now along with their father so this weekend's plans have ended. We just found that we did not test positive but my sister did. Thanks for the photos and poem.

  4. Karen, this is wonderful. I love all the love that you captured in your post. You are a fortunate grandparent...even if it can be a bit messy and noisy. Enjoy!

  5. Your list poem provides a peek into a wonderful visit. Have fun finishing your list!