Friday, February 12, 2021

In the Arms of the Maple

 Happy Friday...  It's almost Valentine's Day, so I'm sharing this warm heart with you and yours.

We happen to be in the portion of NJ that has been endowed with 29" of snow in the past two weeks or so. And it sounds like more to come. I'm a winter person and I mostly enjoy the startling change in the landscape, the beauty, the crisp air. So... I took this photo one day before the sun melted the snow off, and I've been trying to write about it. So far I've fiddled with an etheree.  Let me know what you think... 

In the Arms of the Maple


branch and

twig reaches

out to gather

the cold confetti

(a handout that dazzles

and drapes for stylish soirees)

then north wind blasts some cool music

and ev-ry limb shimmers and shakes 'til

glitter bomb!!! Looks like winter threw a fete!

© Karen Eastlund

Poetry Friday is hosted today by Molly Hogan at  Thanks so much for hosting, Molly, and for your beautiful artist's prayer poem.

Be well, and have a wonderful week!


  1. This is such an interesting take on the winter blast, Karen. Would you like to add this to my Winter's Embrace 2021 Gallery collection? If so, see if you can single space your poem right under the photo to capture both.

  2. It's zero degrees here this am & snow is coming, but nowhere near the amount of "cold confetti" you have had, Karen. I've been watching, hope all is okay with you and yours on this shivery weekend. I love the idea of that 'glitter bomb'!

  3. Oh, how beautiful! And, I'm not typically fan of glitter bombs...but I love this kind!

  4. Hi Karen! I always notice that when wind blows snow off branches it leaves interesting patterns below, "after the fete," to use your words. I enjoyed your poem and the action that takes place in your frozen setting.

  5. Gorgeous photo and your etheree captures the magic of snow transforming our world.

  6. I love the winter-love energy that infuses your poem!

  7. I love "cold confetti." Lovely etheree!