Thursday, September 5, 2019


My Spiritual Journey First Thursday pals are posting about nudges today. My thoughts:

I've been through a challenge recently. I was asked to lead a workshop, a 3-hour workshop, for some folks who teach writing to young children. It needed a PowerPoint presentation. I had never used PowerPoint. It needed to look professional, like a graduate course. Daunting! At the last minute, because I didn't really understand the technology, I had to give it without my speaker notes. Whoa...

So, first of all, I survived. I'm thankful for that, believe me. There were moments when I wondered.

What made me agree to it in the first place? A nudge. I had a nudge. I wanted to share some things I hadn't been able to share.  I wanted to feel like I was still "in the game." I wanted to use all my God-given talents to the best of my ability.

So, I stepped out of my comfort zone. More than once, in the preparation process, I came close to meltdown. I'm old, folks! Technology is a huge challenge to me. Plus, I had to drive a fair distance on busy roads in New Jersey's rush hour traffic. That, in itself, can push me to my limit.

What kept me going? A number of things: support from a colleague, and support from my husband, but also very important to me, I had support from my faith community. My prayer partner continued to pray for me through the months of preparation, and that reassured me. I felt nudges every time I went to worship. I felt that every hymn, every prayer, every sermon, supported me. I felt that I was in God's hands. 

In spite of that feeling, however, several times toward the end of the process, I felt panic. My heart raced, my muscles twitched, I couldn't sleep. I really had to work my way through it. I sang hymns, I played them on the piano, I sang along with them in my car. I tried to gain perspective. I practiced deep breathing, I exercised, I drank Tension Tamer Tea. I ate... wait for it... chocolate!!! Yes! I read that chocolate can have a calming effect, and I absolutely went for it! God is good!

I am still learning from this challenge, and I expect that to continue. What a huge blessing. A small example is the SJFT image above. This is the first time I've been able to use it because I didn't know how to transport it before.  So... TaDa!!! It may be a small learning, but I'm happy for it.

The results are still coming in, but I received positive feedback from the teaching staff as well as my support colleague.  I know I forgot a few points, but that doesn't distress me. I feel positive about the experience, and my confidence is boosted. My learning curve was huge, and I managed it. I worked hard. Really hard. I'd like to say that I worked my butt off, but I'm afraid I still have a fairly substantial one. That's okay. We're talking about nudges, not miracles!

My best to all of you. May your nudges lead to blessings.


  1. Great job! You should be so proud of yourself, stepping out to try something new. It's not easy, and you did it!

  2. I love the bravery of this post. You did it! The ending is a blessing I will keep close, "May all your nudges lead to blessings."

  3. Ta Da! I'm celebrating your posting of the SJFT image with you. Little by little, step by step, we can all be nudged to learn new things. Nudges do take us out of our comfort zones. I loved reading how you were supported as you faced this challenge and how you felt nudges every time you went to worship.

  4. Thank you for this ending line: May your nudges lead to blessings. That is such a positive statement that I will keep in mind. Karen, you made it through the hard times. "Holy nudges " got you through the experience even though it was beyond your comfort zone. Congratulations and now you are ready for the next challenge whether it be one assorted with technology or not.