Thursday, February 7, 2019

Spiritual Journey First Thursday

Hi Friends!

I’m still dipping my toe into this blog adventure. I thought I would have time to work on it by now, but it seemed that even January was busy. So… on we go with hopes of more attention to blogging as the year progresses.

The theme for January is: Home is Where the Heart Is

I received some family pictures recently, and I almost held my breath as I looked through them. More family members have died and I miss them all. I’d forgotten some of the gatherings, the funny clothes, the loss of hair. The gathering that was both wonderful and awful, yet we all managed a smile for the picture. The innocence and beauty in young faces. But what surprised me, made me gasp, was an unexpected picture of the home I grew up in.  Oh, how I loved it.

It was a true home to me. We gathered in the kitchen or around the table, we loved each other the best we could, we shared wonderful food, we prayed. Daddy traveled so Mama was in charge, and she ran a tight ship. Not always a happy ship, but aimed in a good direction. We knew what was expected of us.

Home is where everything begins, a place warmth and sustenance, challenge and solace. In our home we had wonderful meals together, many around the table, lots of laughter. My husband and I have tried to pass those good traditions along, adding to them. We still make Mama’s oatmeal macaroons and anise cookies. Meatballs on Christmas Eve. We added homemade chicken soup to the tradition, and when my son asked me to bring some to him at college, it warmed my heart.

A strong faith tradition runs through our families, and we continue the practice of grace before meals. Our grandchildren now lead us:
Come, Lord Jesus
Be our guest
Let these gifts
To us be blessed

These gatherings, places and traditions remain almost sacred to us. I feel they are somehow reflections of goodness, of heaven on earth, of God.  The older I grow, the more important it seems to examine my origins, searching for anything that was good. Home is a place that can be holy, a place that calls us to be nourished and renewed.  When I listen, I find that the call is still strong and sweet.

Psalm 42:1  As the deer pants for water, so my heart pants for you, my God.


  1. Karen, one line from your blog is something that has been a topic of conversation with my friends: "We gathered in the kitchen or around the table." We often say when we come to my house for parties, that no matter how many or how few, the ladies always gravitate to the kitchen to talk. There is comfort in this room being the gathering place. There are many memories made here. Our family also starts dinners with a prayer. When others come to my house, I ask them to say a prayer with us or give thanks for being together with a toast. All of these traditions make a house a home for family and friends.

  2. This is lovely, Karen! I can feel the warmth of your family's love, and the sweetness of your traditions. I love this line; "Home is where everything begins, a place warmth and sustenance, challenge and solace." So true. I too had a warm, happy home beginning and I am so grateful.

  3. "Home is where everything begins." Yes!